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The healthcare sector is uniquely demanding. Organizations need to compliantly store incredibly high volumes of patient data, ensuring it remains accessible and secure. The amount of data collected is increasing exponentially and healthcare data archiving solutions need to reflect this.

Patient data is highly sensitive. Diagnostic devices such as CT Scanners, MRI machines and X-ray machines (to name just a few) generate huge amounts of imaging data. Healthcare providers are generally required to keep images for seven years, with many keeping them for longer. The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires a HIPAA covered entity to maintain adult patients' records for six years; two years if a patient dies. Most records are needed for years, if not decades.


Patient monitoring, drug delivery systems, RFID readers – are all subject to stringent regulations. Organizations need to monitor who is accessing (or restrict who can access) the information in a centralized healthcare data archive. Backup copies or replicated data must be kept as part of disaster recovery. Data is in many different formats, subject to legal requirements and privacy laws. On top of that, all non-electronic patient records must now be converted to digital format.


To meet the legal stipulations and run your organization efficiently, data storage must be compliant, available, future-proof and secure – with long-term scalability.

Unique Demands

The audit-proof, long-term archiving of healthcare data, plus other data that is subject to statutory regulations, places high demands on the performance and scalability of data storage systems. Healthcare data archiving needs to be a key component of an organization’s overall plan. When developing a long-term strategy for data archiving, healthcare leaders should consider a range of options:

  • High reliability and long-term scalability of the data storage solution
  • Virtualization and cloud integration
  • Seamless integration of different types and multiple generations of storage products
  • Protection from data corruption, loss, deletion and modification
  • HIPAA and HITECH compliance
  • Cost efficiency
  • Flexibility and investment protection

"The combination of HPE Converged Storage and iTernity iCAS gives us an optimal solution for decoupling operating system, server hardware, and hard disk capacity.”

Holger Hussy
Chief Information Officer, Karlsruhe City Hospital

The Healthcare Sector

iTernity iCAS is specifically designed to meet the demanding data archiving needs of the healthcare sector. The hardware and vendor independence of iCAS yields vast flexibility and the highest investment protection while reducing the overall operating cost for archiving. Large data volumes can be archived economically using the unlimited volume iCAS CPU license option.


iCAS protects data from PACS, EMR, ECM, ERP, E-Mail systems and other applications observing the very highest security standards.

  • A software-defined archiving platform that conforms to the highest security standards
  • Data replication, encryption and automated integrity checks
  • WORM archiving independent of the utilized storage hardware
  • HIPAA and HITECH compliance
  • Optimal integration into diverse IT infrastructures and simple data migration
  • 120+ ISV certifications (PACS, EMR, ERP, ECM, E-Mail etc.)



iTernity CEO, Ralf Steinemann, discusses the particularities of the healthcare sector in this video, highlighting the importance of intelligent storage solutions that protect highly sensitive, tightly regulated data.


iTernity is expert in software solutions for the long-term integrity of all types of data. We partner with many healthcare providers and understand the unique demands and regulations of the industry. Our Software-Defined Archiving solution iCAS enables healthcare institutions to fulfil complex data storage requirements, comply with the relevant archiving regulations, and reduce storage costs at the same time.


To review your data archiving requirements with a specialist and request a free demo of our solutions, please get in touch with one of the iTernity team.

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