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Compliance, consistency and accuracy – archiving with iCAS in the pharmaceutical industry

Data archiving systems in pharmaceutical companies and institutions have to ensure throughout long retention periods that their archived data and records remain complete, consistent, accurate, and can be quickly retrieved at any time they are needed. iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) was specifically developed to help pharma & life sciences companies to meet these challenging requirements. iCAS ensures long-term integrity and availability of electronic archives or permanent records no matter where they are stored.

“For us, one of the most substantial benefits of iCAS is that our virtual environment supports it. This results in a very flexible scalability, because we then can expand different storage systems behind iCAS in the future – and that is without any limitation to certain systems or vendors. So we can simply actualize the whole solutions according to our needs and we are positioned future-proof.”

Arnim Schmid, medac GmbH

The patented software is able to comply with the retention periods of pharma-related data (eg. data derived from tests, records of tests performed or batch documents) for as long as needed. iCAS also protects the data from data corruption, loss, deletion and modification. Its Self-Healing feature is so unique that the long-term integrity and availability of data which are crucial to patient care can be guaranteed.


iCAS compliance capabilities have been assessed and certified by KPMG and Cohasset Associates, a reputable management firm which specializes in record management and information governance. If your company must eg. comply with FDA, EU-GMP or AMWHV regulations or other similar mandates, contact us and we show you how iCAS addresses this regulation’s data storage requirements.

The Advantages of iCAS at a Glance

Data Integrity
Data Privacy
Maximum Flexibility
Cost Efficiency

Our satisfied customers in the Pharmaceutical industry

Numerous companies in the Pharmaceutical industry worldwide rely on iCAS as their central and compliant recordkeeping tool. Get inspired by their stories.

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