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More efficiency, less effort and costs

Eight good reasons for Managed Storage Services


Just press the save button and you're done: Data storage in companies is not that simple. Managing storage landscapes is complex, consuming time and money. Increasing data volumes, more and more data sources and cyber-attacks are just some of the challenges which IT departments have to overcome.


Why not simply outsource data storage to an external service provider - in other words, use managed storage services? What are the real benefits?


In this article you will learn about the eight benefits you can achieve for your business with this concept.

Advantages of Managed Services for data storage

1. Less own staff necessary

The market for IT specialists has dried up - so it's not surprising that many companies are having trouble finding new storage specialists. This will not change in the short to medium term.


Managed storage can help alleviate the skills shortage because you need to allocate significantly less of your own staff to your storage systems. Instead, you can draw on the expertise and experience of external specialists without having to build this up yourself.

2. More time for core topics

With managed storage, an external service provider takes over time-consuming basic tasks such as administration, troubleshooting, monitoring, and maintenance.


The result: your employees have virtually no touch points with the storage system. Instead, more time is available to attend to core topics, innovations, and strategic tasks.

3. Better and faster workflows

External service providers specialize in all the tasks involved in data storage - because this is their core business. In contrast, traditional in-house support often takes more time and money, as employees first have to be trained and processes established.


With Managed Storage Services, you can increase efficiency and improve quality standards right from the start. Managed Storage not only streamlines your day-to-day routine, but helps you provision your storage system more efficiently.

4. Higher IT security

Do you have a full overview of all updates and patches for your storage system at all times? If not, you are like many companies. Missed updates can lead to dangerous security risks.


With managed storage, an external service provider adds new features, firmware updates, and security patches into your storage setup and keeps it consistently up to date. Entry points for cyber criminals remain closed. Your IT security increases without you having to worry about it.

5. Data always protected and available

The external service provider ensures that data is always available and protected. 24/7 monitoring, alerting, and self-healing functions ensure that errors are detected, reported, and resolved immediately. Your company can rely entirely on smooth and fail-safe storage operations.

6. Simple capacity expansion

How much capacity do we have left? When do we need to expand the storage systems? Is the planning realistic?


As part of managed services, the external service provider often also takes on other tasks such as capacity monitoring and expansion. Make sure that the storage system is based on scale-out architectures. Capacity expansions are then usually possible - depending flexibly on your actual needs.

7. Less complexity

Many different storage solutions which are managed separately are very costly. On top of that, they increase the susceptibility to errors and harbor dangerous loopholes which cyber criminals can exploit. Various service level agreements and maintenance contracts with different terms also put the brakes on efficiency.


With managed storage, you can bundle data storage across all storage sources and outsource it externally. For you, this means one less IT element to worry about - just one maintenance contract, simpler processes, no hassle, no worries.

8. Reduced total costs

The costs for managed storage are transparent and plannable - because the contractually fixed amounts do not usually change. This means you know exactly what costs you can expect at the end of a billing period. This model is ideal for stabilizing IT expenses. In addition, you can avoid unplanned and difficult-to-calculate cost jumps due to system failures, data loss, or other surprises.


Further savings potential is offered by, for example, expenses for finding and training new employees, costs for unused capacities, savings through more efficient processes, and much more.


Managed storage helps you reduce the time, cost, and complexity of your data storage in the long term. This creates more space for your IT team for innovations and strategic projects and counteracts the shortage of skilled workers.


Our goal is to automate as many everyday IT tasks as possible so that they do not require the attention of administrators. This allows your IT to concentrate on important and more creative activities - which incidentally creates more satisfaction and increases IT security.

Cut your total cost in half thanks to Managed Storage

Don't just believe what we tell you. Convince yourself.


The analyst firm ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group) has compared the total costs and IT efforts of leading public cloud providers with iCAS FS. The result: companies can save 53% total costs and at least 61% administrative effort with iCAS FS - with optimized compliance, data protection, and IT security. What to expect in the study:

  • Detailed total cost comparison of leading public cloud storages and iCAS FS
  • Minimized IT effort thanks to managed services
  • More benefits with iCAS FS around additional costs, compliance, and ransomware protection


Download cost comparison here.

Managed Storage with iCAS FS

Create more time for your core tasks!


The iCAS FS scale-out storage platform provides managed storage services for your archive and backup data.


With this all-round carefree package, you hand over your data storage tasks - including administration, monitoring, and maintenance - to iTernity. The result: your IT no longer has to deal with data storage and has more time for your core business. And you can rely completely on the security, availability, and integrity of your data.

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