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Secure research data & co in the long term

Pharma & Life Sciences

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Long-term data integrity & availability

Storage and archiving solutions for the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors must ensure that data is complete, consistent, undamaged and quickly retrievable at all times over long retention periods. iTernity solutions help pharmaceutical and life sciences companies meet these demanding requirements and ensure the long-term integrity and availability of electronic data.

Your advantages with iTernity

Cost Efficiency
Ransomware Protection
Data Integrity & Data Protection

Certified and future-proof

Our patented storage and archiving solutions are able to meet the retention period of important data, e.g. from tests and examinations carried out, for as long as prescribed. In doing so, the data is protected against damage, loss, deletion and modification. The unique self-healing feature ensures the long-term integrity and availability of data, which is elemental to patient care.


The compliance functionality has been audited and certified by KPMG and Cohasset Associates. If you are responsible for compliance with e.g. FDA, EU GMP, AMWHV regulations or other requirements, please feel free to contact us. We will show you how our solutions can meet the requirements in your industry and your organization.

What our customers say

For us, one of the most substantial benefits of iCAS is that our virtual environment supports it. This results in a very flexible scalability, because we then can expand different storage systems behind iCAS in the future – and that is without any limitation to certain systems or vendors. So we can simply actualize the whole solutions according to our needs and we are positioned future-proof.

Arnim Schmid

medac GmbH

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Ensuring data integrity in the long term

It's crucial for organizations to safeguard the integrity of electronic data during its lifetime or retention period.
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