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Secure storage of backups

Ransomware-proof backup

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Challenges for Ransomware-proof Backups

Ransomware is one of the biggest IT threats for companies, hospitals, and public institutions. The attacks are increasingly targeting an organization's last line of defense – the backup.


The latest cases show that advanced ransomware is able to work its way through to the backup in order to compromise or delete the data. In case of an attack, data is encrypted and backup copies are made unusable. The consequences for organizations include data loss, business process disruption, loss of revenue, and ransom demands. Today, it is essential to implement an immutable backup storage which reliably protects your data against ransomware attacks.

Growing data volumes for backups & lack of scalability
Threat of malware, data loss & data integrity violations
Optimization of recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTO & RPO)
High costs & lock-ins for traditional backup targets

Ransomware-proof backup storage

With a backup, you are protected against data loss and ransomware – right? Unfortunately, cybercriminals also know that backups are the last line of defense... and they strike exactly there. Protect your backups with iCAS FS and gain additional efficiency, simplicity and flexibility in data storage.

Ransomware-proof backup storage

Protect the availability, security, and integrity of your backups with iCAS FS, and gain additional efficiency, simplicity, and flexibility in data storage.
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Protect the availability, security, and integrity of your backups with iCAS FS, and gain additional efficiency, simplicity, and flexibility in data storage.

Backup Guide: How to protect your backups from professional ransomware

Ransomware has become one of the most lucrative criminal businesses. As the attacks are becoming increasingly professional, it is essential to implement an immutable backup storage which protects your data against attacks. 


This backup guide shows you: why ransomware is the #1 threat for companies, hospitals, and public institutions worldwide; what challenges the attacks pose; and how you can reliably protect your backups against cyber-attacks.

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How to build a ransomware-proof backup target

Data immutability

Data immutability ensures that data cannot be modified or deleted within a specific retention period. Thus, encryption by ransomware attacks is reliably prevented and a clean copy of your data can be restored.


One method to ensure this is the WORM principle (Write Once Read Many). WORM is a data protection method in which data is written immutably to a storage medium. The files cannot be changed or deleted afterwards by the users. However, they can be read as often as required.


Ransomware can no longer encrypt your data.

Minimized "attack surface"

Employees can inadvertently become the entrance gate for ransomware. Not without reason are phishing e-mails still one of the most frequently used methods of infecting endpoints with ransomware.


The attack surface can be minimized by using external service providers who are subject to strict monitoring. Backups are administered by an external provider and only this provider has access to your backup system. Thus, errors by administrators or IT managers in the company can be avoided and the danger of social engineering can be minimized.


As the IT attack surface is minimized, it is impossible for ransomware to impact the integrity and availability of the system.


A single backup copy is not sufficient.


If there are multiple copies in different locations, it is much less likely that all backup copies will be lost, corrupted, or encrypted by ransomware at the same time. It is important in this strategy that at least two storage targets are also physically separated from each other – to protect you in the event of a fire or natural disaster, for example.


A backup solution that can replicate over long distances (WAN copy) simplifies this task and additionally protects your backups from physical damage.

Ransomware-proof Backups with iCAS FS

The scale-out platform iCAS FS is the perfect backup target for virtualized IT environments (e.g. Veeam, Commvault, ...). It provides ransomware protection based on data immutability features - at low TCO, with unlimited scalability, and with great ease of use.

Data immutability (WORM protection, S3 Object Lock) protects against encryption by ransomware.
Minimized attack surface, thanks to closed architecture and hardened Linux operating system - fully managed by iTernity.
Synchronous replication & asynchronous replication for copies in stretched clusters.
Cloud Experience On-Premises: Benefit from the advantages of the cloud in your own data center.

Less effort for your IT

iCAS FS is an auto-managed storage platform. The entire set-up is monitored by iTernity, errors are detected by the system itself and automatically fixed. iCAS FS requires no training and no workload for your IT, so professionals can focus on their core competencies. In addition, storage capacity can be expanded easily, flexibly and cost-effectively.

Veeam & iTernity

The choice of backup software and storage infrastructure is crucial in the fight against data loss and ransomware. With Veeam & iTernity you can make your data protection fit for the future and reduce complexity, costs and effort.


iCAS FS is a "Veeam Ready"-qualified scale-out storage platform, which can be used as "Immutable Object Repository" and "Linux Repository". Thanks to S3 Object Lock and a closed system, iCAS FS minimizes the IT attack surface and protects your backups, archive data and more. Protect your Veeam backups in a simple and efficient way with iCAS FS!

More about Veeam & iTernity

Commvault & iTernity

iTernity provides an S3-compatible object storage for Commvault as a backup target. iCAS FS is a reliable, scalable and flexible storage platform for mission-critical data and has been tested and qualified to work smoothly with Commvault. Commvault enables organizations to proactively simplify and shape the complexity of their ever-evolving and growing data environments. Secure your Commvault backups with iCAS FS - protected against ransomware, cost-efficient and without effort!

More about Commvault & iTernity

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