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Meet compliance requirements

Audit-proof archiving


Most compliance regulations require organizations to implement special solutions for long-term, immutable, and auditable storage of important business data.


Though there are plenty of archiving, data storage or backup solutions on the market, many of them cannot meet the complex compliance requirements to ensure audit-proof archiving. To cope with these challenges, it is paramount to deploy a strategic approach to data archiving as well as an intelligent archiving solution.

What does audit-proof archiving mean?

Audit-proof archiving can be defined as the act of retaining particular data, information, or records for a specified period of time and protecting it during the retention period from unwanted occurrences that can threaten the privacy, integrity, and availability of the data.


It is done to prevent actions such as unauthorized access, modification, deletion, tampering or loss of data and to adhere with regulatory requirements that mandate the industry in which an organization is operating, and/or to comply with the organization’s internal data policies.


Audit-proof archiving is not just storing or keeping information and records, neither simply backing up data. Particular business data need to be archived in a compliant manner; which means it has to meet a complex set of requirements defined by regulatory bodies, governments, or enterprises themselves.

The challenges of audit-proof archiving

There are many risks that can threaten business data, especially as they are increasingly becoming digital or electronic. Organizations are constantly challenged to mitigate these risks, yet it is difficult to avoid them completely. Thus, it is important to properly manage and securely store important or sensitive data to preserve their original state for future use.


The diverse challenges of audit-proof archiving have quite different backgrounds:

  • Each industry is facing specific regulations that apply
  • Enterprises in different regions or countries have to cope with different laws and requirements that apply to them
  • Data retention times outlive the lifespan of IT infrastructure in most cases which requires secure and reliable migrations of the archive data to new generations or future technologies
  • Deploying combined solutions from different vendors is often necessary, which can get complex
  • Organizations have been striving to comply with numerous regulatory requirements in data storage in the last ten years, e.g. HIPAA, GMP, SOX, SEC 17a-4, Dodd-Frank, PCI DSS, GDPR - and there will be more to come in the future!

Achieve audit-proof archiving with iTernity

iTernity solutions were specifically developed to enable enterprises to ensure long-term retention, security, privacy, integrity, and availability of their electronic data or records no matter where they are or will be stored.


Our solutions offer various features to guarantee data integrity and revision safety, like WORM storage, patented Content Storage Container Technology, Self-Healing, replication and encryption.

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Compliance for business data
Certified for GDPR, GoBD, GeBüV, and SEC 17a-4
Automatic Self-Healing to protect data integrity
Scalable from TB to PB

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