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Visionary archiving driven by quality, integrity and respect

Why iTernity?

Both our customers and partners have chosen our products and services because we protect their data management investments. They trust the quality of our solutions, which is the focus of all our activities. We take great pride in the commitment of our employees, because their tireless dedication is the foundation of our success. In addition to focusing on customer value, at iTernity we all share the same values: fairness, agility and trust. Find out what are the pillars of that culture and how we do what we do.

1. We focus on customer benefits

Listening to the needs and requirements of our customers and the markets they are acting in, is the driving force for us to develop new solutions. The need for secure data management and evolving compliance regulations lead to increasing risks for organizations in all industries. As long as companies benefit from our products and solutions, we are on the right track and help our customers to make complex tasks easier and more economical.

2. We are agile

iTernity is a bureaucracy-free zone. We’re fast, responsive and dedicated to rapid product evolution as well as customer satisfaction. Our work environment encourages and rewards employees to innovate and create improvements constantly in all aspects of their work. Engineers are motivated to resolve tasks as quickly as possible, as long as quality is never sacrificed. This positive mindset is emulated by all departments, including Customer Support, Marketing and Sales.

3. We are independent and innovative

We are free to make our decisions, based on what is best for our customers. Because what is best for them will be the only relevant aspect in the end. As we maintain partnerships with different leading technology companies and experienced reselling partners, we are able to provide a wide choice of solutions - independent from the region or vertical our customers are in. This enables them to select the solution that meets their requirements, budgets and preferences best. Our independence from certain technologies enables us to think out of the box and develop new and innovative solutions.

4. We work with a top team

Hiring is the most important process to ensure that the best and brightest employees are working for iTernity. We attract workers, who are self-motivated and have a willingness to explore, learn and experiment. However, being self-motivated and curious is not enough. We look for team players with an open mindset as well. To create solid products it takes teams of motivated colleagues that efficiently interact when necessary. Good teams with smooth workflows put together a winning solution.

5. We act sustainable

iTernity pursues a transparent and self-sustaining business model. We know that our customers rely on our software solutions as we rely on our customers. Therefore, we focus on building solid and long-term business relationships based on our work and behavior. Moreover, we are aware of our responsibility to the world in which we live. That is why we are pursuing the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and use, for example, regenerative energy for the operation of our company, compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions, buy where possible fairly traded and local goods and act in such a way that long-term relationships are promoted.

What our customers say

„Long-term partnerships are extremely important to us and with iTernity we have found a reliable partner. Equally important, however, is the independence of certain systems and manufacturers. This is the reason why we clearly rely on the open software solution iCAS in our further development.“


Robert Hasenstab
Head of IT, Goethe University Hospital Frankfurt

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