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Webcast: scale-out archiving with iCAS FS

Taming the TCO of Archiving

About the Webcast

Webcast and Product Presentation

In a nutshell
  • What: Free online webcast recording
  • Content: Product presentation and TCO comparison of iCAS FS, iTernity's scale-out archiving platform
  • Target Audience: Organizations and partners looking for a low TCO scale-out archiving platform (IT Managers, Storage Admins, CEOs, CIOs, Compliance Managers)

Do you believe that public cloud storage is cost-effective? Then you do not know iCAS FS! The scale-out archiving platform is the solution of choice when it comes to managing data growth, taming IT infrastructure costs and protecting your business data!


iTernity showcases the scale-out archiving platform iCAS FS in the online webcast recording "Taming the TCO of Archiving". Here you can learn more about:

  • Scale-out data archiving at low TCO
  • Cloud experience on-premise & zero touch operation
  • Ransomware protection of WORM data
  • Cost comparison (TCO) of iCAS FS and public cloud storage


Register for the free webcast and discover the next generation secure data retention with iCAS FS!

Low TCO data archiving platform
Scale without limits starting at 20TB
Cloud experience on premise
GDPR-certified by KPMG

Registration for the Webcast

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Taming the TCO of archiving with iCAS FS

Webcast and product presentation


1. Modern challenges need modern solutions: data growth, cloud storage, complexity & cost


2. The scale-out archiving platform iCAS FS

  • What do we talk about? Short description of the iCAS FS solution
  • Why is it special, who needs it & who uses it already?


3. TCO comparison: iCAS FS vs. public cloud storage

  • Results of a new ESG TCO study


4. One-stop shopping for low TCO data archiving

  • Partnership HPE & iTernity

The Speakers

Ralf Steinemann CEO | iTernity
Ralf Steinemann is the CEO of iTernity. Prior to that, he was responsible for business development and sales management. During this time he built up the technology partnership with HPE, that has resulted in numerous joint successful projects.
Marta Borasio Product Management | iTernity
Marta Borasio is Product Manager at iTernity. Since she joined the iTernity team in 2017, she is responsible for the development of the iCAS middleware and the iCAS FS platform and for further strategic product improvements.
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