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The Future is Software-Defined Archiving

Archiving is necessary for most organizations, often even business critical, both for legal reasons and diligent care of documentation. This is not going to change any time soon. However, what is evolving is the amount of data we need to archive and the regulations to fulfill.

Organizations have demanded change concerning long-term archiving of important business data. This change is based on two key criteria: lack of scalability and cost containment. The exponential growth of data has become a law unto itself. Vendor lock-in has made it innately difficult to extend in pace with growing needs and to adapt to technological changes. Fortunately, the industry has awoken to this evolution and the tide is turning.

The Industry Evolution

The GDPR was more of a start-date than a deadline. Organizations are now focusing stronger on the ongoing integrity, availability and security of their archived data. Legacy storage appliances were generally designed as closed storage systems. You often had little choice but to procure the maximum capacity for the appliance up-front and relicense with each new hardware generation – creating additional expense and unexploited potential. Compliant data archiving must also observe industry specific regulations. The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, Securities and Exchange Commission and financial services and automotive industries all have stringent laws pertaining to record-keeping.


The new generation of archiving is turning software-defined. Software-Defined Archiving (SDA) combines purpose-built software with industry-standard servers and storage systems. A “prime example of a popular SDA foundation in the market-place" is iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS), combined with server and storage solutions from HPE.

Cost Comparison Study

A TCO comparison documents significant savings of more than 50% through the combination of iTernity iCAS and HPE server and storage hardware versus common blackbox appliances.

Read the IT Brand Pulse Case Study here

The Benefits

What can you expect from Software-Defined Archiving with iCAS?

  • Zero hardware lock-in: choose your preferred hardware vendor and technology
  • Archiving functionality and intelligence detached from hardware
  • Unlimited scalability with flexible licensing according to your tangible needs
  • Safe and economical handling of archive data
  • Permanent and long-term protection of data integrity


This revolutionary method of SDA is software controlled, allowing storage capacities and facilities to be across multiple physical storage units – such as disks, flash drives, cloud storage and future technologies. As well as the technological aspects, iCAS drives economic benefits. Data storage independence of the employed hardware affords efficient use of existing storage capacities and protects your investment in hardware, software and skills. Integrate iCAS in your existing IT infrastructure for a straightforward and streamlined archiving solution.

iTernity are experts in secure data storage and archiving. We do not follow the antiquated, black-box concept; instead providing flexible solutions that ensure the smooth interoperability of your business applications and guarantee the integrity of your important business data. From onsite through hybrid to cloud solutions.


To discuss the modern benefits of iCAS for your business, get in touch with the iTernity team or register for a free 20-minute demo.

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