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Straightforward and future-proof data storage

Software-defined solutions to solve your challenges

Your archive must meet regulatory and industry-specific requirements and you want to free yourself from rigid structures and dependencies? Every archive is unique. So are our solutions. Convince yourself. Do you have to meet regulatory and industry-specific requirements? Do you want to free yourself from rigid data silos and hardware dependencies? Do you want to reduce the total cost of data storage to keep pace with data growth? Your requirements are unique. So are our solutions. Convince yourself!

Software-Defined Archiving

This Software-Defined Archiving approach simplifies the management and storage of archive data, decoupling archival-relating functionalities from the storage hardware. It enables higher flexibility and lower cost for secure long-term data storage and compliant data management.

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Replacement of legacy archive silos

One of the most widespread proprietary and hardware-based archiving appliances was Dell EMC Centera. But Centera is dead! Dell EMC announced End-of-Life of Centera in March 2018. If, however, the Centera CAS API remains in use, then replacing your legacy archive with another proprietary platform only shifts the problem of vendor lock-in to the future. Software-Defined Archiving helps you overcome the limitations and disadvantages of legacy archiving silos.

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GDPR-compliant archiving

Many requirements of the GDPR are easier to implement based on a central archive storage platform. As software-defined storage and archiving solutions, our products form the foundation for GDPR-compliant data management.

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SAP archiving

When it comes to data archiving and WORM storage (Write Once Read Many), organizations face a variety of challenges: Security, availability, privacy, compliance with regulatory requirements, and so forth. Furthermore, there is a great need for flexibility, scalability, and minimized cost. How can SAP customers ensure that the storage of their archive-relevant data is secure, cost-efficient, and complies with applicable regulations?

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In healthcare, patient care is paramount. Sensitive data requires secure storage methods which ensure long-term protection of data integrity and availability. While data volumes, IT complexity, and the number of cyber-attacks are increasing, many clinics and hospitals are faced with a shortage of IT professionals and tight IT budgets. With the right storage solution, healthcare organizations can address these conflicting priorities.

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Manufacturing & Retail

Companies in manufacturing and retail require economic data archiving solutions with comprehensive functionality. They need to solve long-term data availability, privacy, integrity protection, and other needs. Additionally their compatibility with different business applications and data sources as well as various storage systems is essential. Our solutions are the perfect fit for manufacturing and retail to retain and safeguard valuable data assets in compliant and efficient manners.

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Financial services

The financial sector must comply with the strictest data management and compliance regulations. Long-term integrity, availability and security of data assets are essential requirements. Not to fulfill the specific requirements can result in financial penalties, lawsuits and reputational damage. iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) was specifically developed and certified (e.g. for SEC 17a-4) to enable financial institutions to meet their challenging requirements.

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Pharmacy & Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical industries must ensure that their archived data and records remain complete, consistent, accurate, and can be quickly retrieved at any time they are needed. iTernity solutions meet these challenging requirements and ensure long-term integrity and availability of electronic archives or permanent records no matter where they are stored.

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The Public sector

Public sector institutions must properly manage large volumes, many kinds of, and often sensitive information. iTernity solutions enable institutions in the public sector not only to centrally archive their important data, but also to protect it for as long as it is required. Public record data is protected from damage, manipulation and deletion throughout their long retention periods no matter where they are stored.

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