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Straightforward data storage with software-defined solutions

Enterprises typically run multiple business applications to manage different forms of structured and unstructured information. To keep this information not only available, but also protect its integrity and validity, secure data management and storage technologies are necessary. iTernity develops software solutions to enable organizations meet data storage and compliance requirements, enabling users to leverage the optimal IT infrastructure components for their environment.

Software-Defined Archiving

This Software-Defined Archiving approach simplifies the management and storage of archive data, decoupling archival-relating functionalities from the storage hardware. It enables higher flexibility and lower cost for secure long-term data storage and compliant data management.

Discover more about Software-Defined Archiving

iCAS - iTernity Compliant Archive Software

iCAS is a hardware independent data archiving platform for any kind of application data in all industries. It has proven the benefits of abstracting the archiving functionality from the hardware layer in more than 1,200 successful enterprise archive projects all over the world.

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Migration services

To enable the transition to a modern archive, iTernity assists in the migration of existing data to the iCAS platform. This is done with established tools and processes. It includes sanity checks of the existing data and an audit-trail with comprehensive end-to-end logging. The use of specialist tools enables data migrations at a fraction of the cost and time compared to application migrations.

Discover the migration services of iTernity

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Replacement of legacy archive silos

One of the most widespread proprietary and hardware-based archiving appliances was Dell EMC Centera. But Centera is dead! Dell EMC announced End-of-Life of Centera in March 2018. If, however, the Centera CAS API remains in use, then replacing your legacy archive with another proprietary platform only shifts the problem of vendor lock-in to the future. Software-Defined Archiving helps you overcome the limitations and disadvantages of legacy archiving silos.

Further details on Centera replacement

GDPR-compliant archiving

Many requirements of the GDPR are easier to implement based on a central archive storage platform. iCAS provides the functional software layer between 120+ business applications and the storage hardware. As a software-defined storage and archiving solution, iCAS forms the basis for GDPR-compliant data management.

More details on GDPR-compliant archiving

SAP archiving

When it comes to data archiving and WORM storage (Write Once Read Many), organizations face a variety of challenges: Security, availability, privacy, compliance with regulatory requirements, and so forth. Furthermore, there is a great need for flexibility, scalability, and minimized cost. How can SAP customers ensure that the storage of their archive-relevant data is secure, cost-efficient, and complies with applicable regulations?

Learn more about SAP archiving with iCAS

Do you want to discover all the benefits of Software-Defined Archiving?

Learn more about software-defined data management and discover all features of iCAS in the whitepaper:

  • Challenges in compliant data management
  • Limitations of legacy archiving storage solutions
  • Software-defined Archiving as a future-proof alternative
  • Benefits of iTernity iCAS

Download the whitepaper "Software-Defined Archiving - Compliance for your business data"

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