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Comply with Legal Demands
Reduce TCO by up to 50%
Ensure Data Integrity
Integrate Numerous ISVs

SAP® Archives Don't Have to Be Expensive

Secure, Cost-Efficient & Flexible with iCAS

Software-Defined Archive Storage

Archive Storage Challenges for SAP Documents

When it comes to data archiving, organizations face a host of challenges, such as data availability and security , compliance with regulatory requirements, and so forth. Furthermore, there is a clear demand for flexibility, scalability, and minimized costs. So how can SAP customers ensure that the data stored behind their DMS/ECM is secure and compliant without losing the focus on cost-efficiency?

Benefits & Features
  • Validation for numerous SAP ArchiveLink® certified ECM/DMS solutions
  • Archiving intelligence is uncoupled from the hardware
  • TCO reduction by up to 50%
  • AES 256 encryption ensures the highest security requirements (PCI-DSS, GDPR, SOX)
  • Continuous data integrity checks and Self-Healing
  • Limitless scalability & flexibility

The Future-Proof Software-Defined Archiving Approach

Whether archived attachments or data archiving files, the integrity and availability of SAP data must be ensured. Due to the limitations and disadvantages of legacy archiving solutions, a new approach in archiving and protecting crucial enterprise data is needed. The Software-Defined Archiving approach of iTernity helps you to manage the growth and protection of your SAP archive-relevant documents and enables optimal cost efficiency, maximum flexibility, and highest security standards!


The concept is simple and efficient: the software is in the focus and provides the archiving intelligence rather than the hardware. Software-Defined Archiving relies on open industry standards, eliminates hardware lock-ins and is adaptable to future needs.

Download Whitepaper

Whitepaper: "How to Modernize Your SAP Archiving Infrastructure"

Read the whitepaper to learn how Software-Defined Archiving can help you modernize your SAP archive storage infrastructure, reduce TCO, and ensure the integrity of archived documents. Discover how to:

  • Implement a secure archiving & WORM storage infrastructure behind your SAP ArchiveLink-enabled DMS/ECM (SAP ArchiveLink is required by SAP ERP and SAP HANA for archiving unstructured data)
  • Easily scale your data archive when needed
  • Gain hardware independence so that you can quickly adapt to new storage technologies
  • Follow industry standards and reduce your archiving TCO instead of storing data in a black box

Download the whitepaper "How to Modernize Your SAP Archiving Infrastructure"

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iCAS for SAP

Cost-Efficient Protection of SAP Data

iCAS Protects SAP Archive-Relevant Documents

iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) acts as a software layer between your business applications (e.g. SAP ArchiveLink-certified ECM solutions) and the storage infrastructure. Long-term security, availability, and integrity of SAP archive-relevant documents are fundamental for business continuity, risk mitigation, and compliance with regulatory requirements. iCAS meets the highest security standards and numerous legal requirements (e.g. GDPR, SEC Rule 17a-4, SOX, BASEL III, etc.) and is certified by KPMG and Cohasset Associates.


Thanks to its hardware independence, iCAS enables organizations to reduce their archive storage costs (TCO) by up to 50% compared to proprietary hardware silos like Dell EMC Centera.


Further key benefits:

  • Archiving of any data (scanned documents, archived attachements, data archiving files, E-Mails, ...) on any storage infrastructure (DAS, SAN, NAS, Object, Cloud)
  • Data replication, encryption and automated integrity checks
  • Optimal integration into heterogeneous IT infrastructures and validation for 120+ business applications (ECM, DMS, E-Mail etc.)

The Advantages of iCAS at a Glance

Data Integrity
Data Privacy
Maximum Flexibility
Cost Efficiency
SAP ArchiveLink-Certified Applications

SAP ArchiveLink-Certified ECM Solutions with iCAS Connection

iCAS is a flexible data archive storage for the SAP and ECM environment. The open file system interface allows the connection of iCAS with a large number of applications. Therefore, iCAS can be used as a central archive for many different data sources. A selection of our certified applications is as follows:

References Online-Demo

Experience iCAS in a live 20-Minute Demo

See how iCAS can take your archive storage to the next level. Schedule a personalized Online-Demo:

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