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Audit-proof archiving for a better customer service

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As a kitchen manufacturer, Poggenpohl is legally required to archive certain data. The amount of this data is increasing constantly. Poggenpohl searched for a solution that is flexibly scalable for many years, independent and, of course, audit-proof. That made iTernity iCAS the ideal choice.

The success at a glance

Compliant archiving of all data
Increased data availability up to 99,5% of the archiving system
Up to 90% reduction in operating costs
Outstanding customer service thanks to a flexible archive

Sustainability and reliability as the company's strengths

The company at a glance:

  • Company: Poggenpohl GmbH
  • Industry: kitchen manufacturing/furniture manufacturing
  • Employees: about 460
  • Focus: innovative kitchen concepts in the luxury segment
  • Locations: over 500 dealers in 70 countries around the world

Poggenpohl was founded in 1982 in Germany and is the oldest and most well-known kitchen brand in the world. Audit-proof archiving of SAP data is essential for the company. Not only because the regulations demand this, but also because Poggenpohl wants to retain customer order data beyond the statutory retention period. This way, even after a long period of time, spare parts or upgrades for delivered kitchens can be offered.

“Many solutions in the market are based on specific appliances. We definitely did not want that. With iCAS, we have an archiving solution that we will be using for many years, while the storage system usually needs to be replaced more often due to the immense data growth.”

Thomas Westbrock

CTO at Poggenpohl

Archive storage reached the limit

Poggenpohl manages its entire business operations including human resources with SAP ECC 6.0. Additionally, the infrastructure comprised of two HPE storage systems and the enterprise content management system Open Text. In order to grant fast access to the data from all over the world, the new archiving solution was supposed to be flexibly scalable and needed to operate without new hardware. With the old archiving solution, the defined document types were stored on a jukebox with a fixed memory and high response times. This solution was very prone to errors.

iCAS – the preferred solution

HPE recommended iTernity iCAS as a solution to Poggenpohl. The flexible and scalable structure of the software solution enables the continuous storage of all data and document types in one repository.


The iCAS solution gave Poggenpohl significant benefits:

  • Data availability has increased to over 99,5%
  • The SAP system’s response time has improved significantly
  • The operating costs and administrative expenses were reduced by about 90%
  • It is possible to continue using all previous hardware solutions

In the light of further developments for business operations overseas, additional projects are in the pipeline. For example, Poggenpohl IT can imagine that data from other SAP systems within the company will also be migrated to iCAS as part of consolidation measures. 

Quality in customer service and data storage

“The brand value of Poggenpohl lies in its good design, solid quality and outstanding customer service. With the help of iCAS we can meet these requirements.”

Thomas Westbrock

CTO at Poggenpohl

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