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Karlsruhe City Hospital

Gearing up for data explosion

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In the healthcare sector, the ever-advancing technology of imaging procedures always causes data explosion. In order to deal with this challenge on a permanent basis, Karlsruhe City Hospital was looking for a flexible and scalable archiving software.

The success at a glance

Sustainably reduced costs for audit-proof long-term archiving
Increased flexibility to embrace changes in technology
Massive enhancement of storage capacity and scalability
High reliability and data integrity thanks to replication and self-healing

Success story: Karlsruhe City Hospital

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High-quality treatment services at Karlsruhe City Hospital

The company at a glance:

  • Company: Karlsruhe City Hospital
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Employees: About 4,300
  • Focus: Maximum care

As a hospital with maximum care, Karlsruhe City Hospital offers nearly all medical disciplines on its premises. The hospital provides its 60,000 inpatients and 170,000 outpatients per year with high-quality diagnostic and treatment services using leading-edge technology. The number of patients the hospital treats grows every year – and also the amount of data.

Rapid data growth

The hospital currently anticipates a trend of around 20 percent data growth per year. The key driver for the hospital’s rapid data growth is the continuing development of devices for cross-sectional imaging (CT, MR, ultrasonography etc.). Another factor contributing to the increase in data volume is the post-processing of image data.


X-ray and radiation protection regulations require a retention period of at least ten years – in some cases even longer – for diagnostic data and data associated with medical treatment. The EMC Centera System Appliance, which was previously used as archiving solution in the hospital, was no longer able to handle the data explosion. The hospital’s IT department saw an urgent need to take an action and decided to move to a scalable storage solution that supports virtualization.

"With HPE Storage and iTernity iCAS, we have a cost-effective solution for long-term data storage at the hospital. The solution’s virtualization capability and its capacity for easy expansion through non-proprietary data storage devices support us in responding quickly and at any time to new requirements.“

Holger Hussy

Chief Information Officer, Karlsruhe City Hospital

Switching to HPE Converged Storage and iCAS

Karlsruhe City Hospital’s Chief Information Officer attaches great importance to having the highest degree of operational stability, scalability, compactness and cloud capability. The combination of HPE Converged Storage and iTernity iCAS can leverage its strengths to meet these requirements.


In addition to audit-proof archiving, iCAS offers the hospital a number of further important benefits:

  • High reliability and long-term stability of the data storage solution, achieved through mirroring at two sites
  • Virtualization and cloud integration of the data storage solution
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate different types and multiple generations of storage products
  • The use of self-contained archive containers facilitates data migrations to future data storage systems

Following the successful data migration, two more steps line up for Karlsruhe City Hospital in the near future: First, data such as physician’s letters and medical reports need to be transferred from the existing Hospital Information System (HIS) via a leading Document Management System (DMS) to the new data storage solution for long-term archiving. Second, invoices and other documents from the hospital’s SAP system need to be transferred to the audit-proof iCAS archive.

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