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Future-proof protection of important documents

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In the security technology, the security of critical business documents comes first. Hekatron’s existing archive storage, a jukebox, was outdated and too slow. A new system should integrate seamlessly into the existing infrastructure and support the virtualized environment so that higher flexibility and scalability can be achieved.

The success at a glance

iCAS' high performance eliminates the need for long-term archiving of backups
Minimal efforts for administration and maintenance of long-term archiving
Quick access to documents saved in iCAS via ELO professional
Seamless integration into existing IT infrastructure

100% security

The company at a glance:

  • Company: Hekatron GmbH
  • Industry: fire protection
  • Employees: about 790
  • Focus: fire protection for plant engineering systems

Hekatron is the leading expert for development, production, and sales of fire protection systems. Between 700 and 1,000 customer receipts are created every day by the company. Accounting documents have to be retained for 10 years whereas technical documents for 15 years after the product was last delivered to a customer. In the past, the archiving of all this data was done on a jukebox. As security is practically in the corporate DNA, Hekatron also wanted to be state-of-the-art in its own digital archive.

The end of the jukebox

The storage technology used was too slow, difficult to administer and not flexibly expandable for smooth business processes. The data access took about two to three minutes, which was unacceptable for some departments. In addition, this solution caused a lot of efforts for the IT administration. Hekatron was looking for a solution that could be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. In terms of software, there was the ERP system from ifax.OPEN and the document system ELO professional. On the hardware side, HPE ProLiant server and HPE StorageWorks 60 Modular Smart Array storage solution were deployed. In the future, Hekatron's virtualized environment should be supported in the process as well.

"Audit-proof archiving of technical documents is very important for us because we operate with our products in safety-related areas.”

Thomas Wagner

Employee at Hekatron

Reliable storage solution in the background

The recommendation of the supervising system integrator was clear: iCAS from iTernity. Since iCAS has been installed, all documents are automatically stored in ELO professional and then archived in iCAS. iCAS met all of Hekatron’s requirements and offered many other benefits as well:

  • Audit-proof archiving of relevant data
  • Direct data access thanks to high performance
  • Simplified administration
  • Automatic backup of the last four weeks

Currently, several million receipts and documents are already archived. In the future, other kinds of data, e.g. emails, could be eligible for revision-proof long-term archiving.

Hekatron about iTernity solutions

“iCAS is our worker in the background whom we can completely rely on. The system protects and stores data from the productive systems, but does not appear externally.”

Thomas Wagner

IT Employee at Hekatron

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