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General Accident Insurance AUVA
General Accident Insurance AUVA

New archive storage cuts costs by 60%

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At AUVA, the general accident insurance company of Austria, data volumes from imaging procedures are increasing rapidly. This data must be stored with high availability and in accordance with strict regulations and security standards. Due to the replacement of the archive storage in use, AUVA was looking for a more flexible and efficient solution with a clear focus on ransomware protection.

The success at a glance

Cost savings in data storage & management of 60%
No effort for AUVA with the storage platform
Handling data growth with the iTernity iCAS FS scale-out storage platform
Independence from proprietary APIs and hardware systems

„Thanks to iCAS FS, we were able to reduce our storage costs by 60%. The TCO benefits come mainly from iTernity‘s software-defined architecture and the managed services approach“

Christian Zellermayer

Deputy Head of Department, Information and Communication Technology at AUVA

Every Austrian knows AUVA

The organization at a glance:

  • Statutory accident insurance
  • AUVA's services include revention, accident treatment, rehabilitation and compensation for accidents at work
  • 4.6 million insured persons and 5,700 employees

As a statutory accident insurance company, AUVA serves around 4.6 million insured members. Its services include prevention, accident treatment, rehabilitation and compensation for accidents at work. AUVA is therefore not a classic insurance company - under the motto „Everything from a single source“, it provides the best possible treatment for its insured and always takes a holistic view.

The archive storage end-of-life as an opportunity

For AUVA‘s IT, handling data is a sensitive process because it involves critical health information. This data must be specially protected, may not be changed or manipulated, and must be stored according to strict regulations. In addition, due to the acute nature of the treatment, rapid access to archival data is elemental and high availability is critical to patient care.


To complicate matters, data volumes are growing rapidly and are a lucrative target for ransomware attacks.

Requirements for the storage solution

„Today, it is extremely difficult to plan IT infrastructures and storage requirements. At AUVA, we currently have a doubling of backup and archive data every three years - and this situation will continue to worsen in the future.“

Christian Zellermayer

Deputy Head of Department, Information and Communication Technology at AUVA

The goal: security for the future

The tendered archive and storage solution had to fulfill the following aspects:

  • Scale-out architecture
  • Fulfillment of all legal requirements, e.g., from GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and NISG (Network and Information System Security Act)
  • Open interfaces and use of cost-effective standard hardware
  • High availability and geo-redundancy
  • Administration and monitoring by the vendor, without effort for AUVA
  • Strict analysis with regard to IT security and ransomware protection

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