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Special Delete Manager

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Special Delete Manager for iCAS

When it comes to data protection, companies are expected to professionally handle personal data and the "right to erasure". With the Special Delete Manager for iCAS you have the possibility to delete archive data before the expiration of the retention period in a GDPR-compliant way.

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Retention Periods and the Right to Erasure

The implementation of the GDPR is complex and not yet fully completed for many companies. This is not surprising, because the transfer of the requirements to IT systems is also complex and sometimes conflicts with other regulations. Organizations are now faced with a dichotomy between the retention period and the right to be forgotten:

  • On the one hand, companies must comply with a wide variety of retention periods (e.g. for personnel data, financial and billing data, e-mails, etc.). During this time, the data must be protected against modification or deletion.
  • On the other hand, Article 17 of the GDPR represents a deviation from this rule: Every EU citizen has the right to have their personal data deleted from databases, backups, and archives within one month of request.
  • Due to the "right to erasure" (aka "right to be forgotten"), every company must be able to delete stored data in a legally compliant, reliable, and timely manner before the end of the retention period.

Dual control principle for a legally compliant deletion process

A requester sends a deletion request to an authorizer.
A data deletion can only be implemented with the confirmation of an authorizer.
After authorization, the data is automatically deleted from the iCAS archive in a secure, effortless and legally compliant way.
Every delete process is documented in the audit log.

Fulfill the "right to erasure" without oversized processes and effort:

  • Easy and secure deletion of data within the retention period.
  • Independent management and organization thanks to the simple user interface of the Special Delete Manager.
  • Every delete process is documented in the audit log. All processes and information can be traced in detail in the Special Delete Manager. This provides maximum control at every stage of the deletion process.
  • The Special Delete Manager can also be used to delete additional data, such as that caused by migration errors, before the retention period expires.

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