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Compliance for your business data

iCAS Middleware

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Data Archiving Made Simple

iCAS is a flexible middleware for retention management & WORM storage. The solution integrates perfectly into existing IT infrastructures. While you take care of your core business, iCAS reliably protects the integrity and availability of your data in the background.

Your advantages with iCAS

Hardware independent: The archive intelligence is tied to the software-layer, not to the hardware
Compliant: iCAS fulfils regulatory and compliance requirements
Flexible: Middleware between your business application and the existing storage infrastructure
Tamper-Proof: iCAS provides WORM storage, encryption and retention management

Flexible data archiving with WORM storage and retention management with iCAS

iCAS explained in one minute
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iCAS explained in one minute

Software-Defined & Future-Proof

iCAS protects data integrity and availability, even if the underlying storage technology and hardware changes in the future. As a software-defined solution, iCAS lays the foundation for audit-proof data archiving and protects your investments in hardware, software, and services.

Auditing reliability and compliance for business data
120+ validated business applications (DMS, ECM, ERP, PACS, KIS, Email)
Supporting DAS-, NAS-, SAN-, object- and cloud-storage targets
Certified for GDPR, GoBD, GeBüV, and SEC 17a-4
Automatic Self-Healing to protect data integrity
Scalable from TB to PB
Low overall costs and transparent licensing model
Strong partnerships and available via HPE Complete & GreenLake


iCAS adapts to your IT infrastructure and adds compliance, data integrity protection, and WORM storage (Write Once Read Many) to your existing systems.


After connecting to your business applications, such as DMS or PACS, the data is written from the application to the iCAS fileshare. iCAS combines the metadata with the archived objects in patented CSCs (Content Storage Containers), which are protected against manipulation and unauthorized deletion.


The CSCs are stored as files on the existing IT infrastructure — whether onsite, cloud or object storage. CSCs can be migrated securely, cost-effectively and without loss, even while running business operations.

WORM Storage (Write Once Read Many)

WORM storage represents a special case of archiving, which guarantees the immutability of archive data. Data can only be read and no longer be changed, deleted, or manipulated. WORM storage is legally required in many countries for tax-relevant business documents or certain data in regulated industries (e.g. healthcare, pharmacy, energy supply).

Seamless integration into the IT infrastructure

What we especially appreciate about iCAS is that we were able to implement it on our existing infrastructure, such as storage and virtualization. iCAS can be connected to various applications and hardware systems. In case of future changes, the iCAS archive remains in place and is simply linked to the changed environment.

Stefan Wilflingseder

Chief Information Security Officer & Data Protection Coordinator at FACC

Easy Integration & Independence

Do you need a flexible, independent and scalable archive? iCAS addresses exactly these needs because the software solution provides the archiving intelligence, not the storage hardware. iCAS connects your business applications (ECM, DMS, ERP, E-Mail, PACS etc.) with the storage infrastructure and is independent of both sides.


The software solution runs on Windows Server and can be implemented on a physical or virtual server. iCAS is based on standard hardware and can be used with on-premises, object or cloud storage solutions (MS Azure Blob Storage direct interface). This allows you to benefit from additional advantages such as easy deployment, maximum scalability, and geo replication.

Certified Software Solution

iCAS ensures data security and data protection, and has been audited and certified for GDPR, GoBD, and GeBüV compliance by the auditing company KPMG. Furthermore, iCAS has been audited and certified by Cohasset Associates Inc. for compliance with strict U.S. industry requirements such as SEC 17a-4 and CFTC 1.31.

Special Delete Manager for iCAS

When it comes to data protection, companies are expected to professionally handle personal data and the "right to erasure".


With the Special Delete Manager for iCAS you have the possibility to delete archive data before the expiration of the retention period in a GDPR-compliant way.

Discover the Special Delete Manager

More than 1,200 Organizations Trust in iCAS

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