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We protect your business-critical data. The trust you place in us is our motivation and an investment in the future. The result: more security, less effort, no worries. Our mission is the long-term availability and integrity of all types of corporate data. The focus is on your challenges, whether data protection, cost pressure, data growth, cyber attacks, lack of time, or complexity – we take your data securely into the future.

iCAS FS Scale-Out Platform

iCAS FS is a scale-out storage platform for multiple use cases around long-term storage. The software-defined platform scales without limits and impresses with low total costs (TCO), ease of use and high flexibility. Whether as secure backup storage, audit-proof archive, secondary storage or cost-efficient object storage - iCAS FS meets your requirements in the long term.

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iCAS Middleware

iCAS is a flexible middleware for retention management & WORM data archiving. The software solution integrates perfectly into existing and IT infrastructures. While you take care of your core business, iCAS reliably protects the integrity and availability of your data in the background.

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Special Delete Manager

When it comes to data protection, companies are expected to handle personal data and the "right to delete" professionally. With the Special Delete Manager for iCAS you have the possibility to delete archive data before the retention period expires in a GDPR-compliant and simple way.

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iTernity in 2 minutes

Data growth, strict regulatory requirements, complex IT infrastructures - data storage and archiving is mutating into a time and cost guzzler. Discover how iTernity can help you solve your challenges in our 2-minute video.

Future-proof storage and archiving of business-critical data

iTernity solution overview
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iTernity solution overview
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