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STACKIT Technology Partnership

STACKIT & iTernity

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Compliant archiving solution with STACKIT and iTernity

STACKIT - the cloud and colocation provider of the Schwarz Group - and iTernity have entered into a technology partnership. The aim is to offer joint customers a compliant, scalable and secure archive that can be seamlessly integrated into the IT environment.


STACKIT's high-performance data centre in Ellhofen operates to the highest European security standards and is GDPR compliant. Data is hosted exclusively in Germany, so customers always have full control. Thanks to an effective recovery strategy, data is also optimally protected in the event of failures caused by external factors such as natural disasters.


With the powerful combination of STACKIT Cloud and iTernity's iCAS archiving solution, businesses, clinics, hospitals and government agencies of all sizes can store their data in a scalable, cost-effective and compliant way, protected against data manipulation and loss.

We solve these challenges

Together, STACKIT and iTernity help IT departments address their most pressing archiving and cost-effective long-term storage challenges. The result: ensuring data sovereignty, integrity and availability, as well as future-proofing through scalability.

High flexibility required for exponential data growth
Regulatory, industry and internal compliance requirements
High levels of IT complexity and non-transparent cost structures
Protection against data loss from tampering, natural disasters and human error

STACKIT & iTernity: Central archive solution in a stable, secure cloud

Software-based archiving solution

iTernity iCAS is a flexible middleware for Retention Management & WORM data archiving. It integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures. The combined solution of STACKIT Cloud and iCAS reliably protects the integrity and availability of business-critical data.


Strong ISV ecosystem and seamless integration

iCAS integrates seamlessly between business applications such as DMS, ECM, ERP, PACS, HIS, email and the storage infrastructure. In this way, iCAS complements existing systems with compliance, data integrity protection and WORM storage. With over 150 certified business applications, iCAS is the ideal solution for protecting and compliantly archiving data from multiple applications and sources.


Full control and data sovereignty

Because STACKIT offers both cloud and colocation, customers can experiment with cloud computing without losing control in selected areas due to physical separation. This allows them to remain flexible and move to the cloud at their own pace. Customers can separate business processes they do not want to move from those that are ready for the cloud. This allows them to retain full control of sensitive data, while scaling on demand and absorbing peaks in demand.


Cost transparency and easy implementation

iCAS impresses with low total costs and a transparent licence model; iCAS deployment is standardised and takes place directly in the STACKIT Cloud. STACKIT supports customers in their digital transformation with simple pricing models and targeted processes. The 24/7 all-round support reduces unnecessary transaction costs, allowing customers to focus on their daily challenges while already benefiting from efficient cloud computing.

STACKIT & iTernity: the perfect match at a glance

  • Solutions developed in-house - quality "Made in Germany"
  • Cost-effective for small and large implementations
  • Flexible access to data
  • Automatic self-healing to protect data integrity
  • Archive software solution audited by KPMG for GDPR, GoBD and GeBüV compliance
  • Dynamically scalable overall solution
  • Powerful cloud solutions - 100% hosted in Germany
  • Demand-driven and gradual transition to the cloud
  • Separation of sensitive and less critical data
  • System load peaks can be absorbed and handled flexibly

STACKIT - Europe's sovereign cloud

STACKIT - Europe's sovereign cloud

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