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Against ransomware & data loss
Veeam Ready
Immutable Object Storage for Backup & more

Veeam & iTernity

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Protect your backups

94% of cyberattacks now target backups. Two out of three attacks are successful. The manipulated data cannot be restored, the backup is unusable. With Veeam & iTernity, you avoid this scenario and permanently ensure business continuity. Make your data protection fit for the future and reduce complexity, points of failure, costs and effort!

Your advantages with iTernity & Veeam

Ransomware protection, immutability & high availability
No complexity, no effort for your IT
Cost-efficient on-premises file & object storage
Start small, scale flexibly and without limits

Joint Forces against Data Loss & Ransomware

Every organization uses backups, because they are the most important infrastructure component for protection against data loss and ransomware. But the long-term storage, availability, and security of backup data present critical challenges:

  • What measures help protect against ransomware attacks?
  • How can companies manage rapid data growth without losing sight of cost efficiency?
  • How do organizations reduce complexity and time-to-manage while still achieving the required performance?


Veeam & iTernity make backup storage simple, safe, and efficient. Organizations have no limitations in terms of scalability, backup modes, or flexibility. Veeam Backup & Replication in combination with iTernity iCAS FS help to reduce costs and keep pace with rapid data growth, confident that the backup SLAs are securely met.

Immutable Object Storage - iCAS FS & Veeam

iCAS FS is "Veeam Ready" qualified and can be deployed as a Performance Tier and Capacity Tier. As a closed system with Object Lock, iCAS FS minimizes the IT attack surface and protects your backups, archive data and more.


Used as an on-premises performance tier, iCAS FS ensures performance, high availability and security for your backups. It prevents encryption, manipulation, or accidental deletion, and ensures persistent clean copies for reliable recovery.


iCAS FS can also be used as an extension of your primary storage (capacity tier) via S3. This brings on-premises performance and data protection with maximum scalability and flexibility. Reduce your total cost of ownership by 53% and your time to manage by 61% compared to the public cloud.

How to protect your backups from ransomware

With a backup, you are protected against data loss and ransomware – right? Unfortunately, cybercriminals also know that backups are the last line of defense... and they strike exactly there. Protect your backups with iCAS FS and gain additional efficiency, simplicity and flexibility in data storage.

Ransomware-proof backup storage

Protect the availability, security, and integrity of your backups with iCAS FS, and gain additional efficiency, simplicity, and flexibility in data storage.
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Protect the availability, security, and integrity of your backups with iCAS FS, and gain additional efficiency, simplicity, and flexibility in data storage.

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Ransomware protection of backup data

Today, an immutable backup storage is essential to reliably protect your data from ransomware attacks.
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