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Archiving in manufacturing & retail

Sustainable and secure data archiving

Companies in manufacturing and retail require an advanced data archiving solution that integrates data protection management, data integrity check, data repair, and encryption in one solution as well as the possibilities to connect with multiple business applications and different storage systems. Our solutions enable manufacturers and retailers to retain and safeguard their valuable data for a long time in compliant, efficient and effective manners.

Your Advantages at a Glance

Cost Efficiency
Data Privacy
Data Integrity

Our open software approach provides enormous flexibility to enterprises in manufacturing and retail. The patented software is capable of retaining various types and sizes of data generated by over 120 business applications.


iCAS bundles data with its metadata in the software’s tamper-proof Content Storage Container (CSC) and can store it in any storage system, eg. Onsite, Object, Cloud – therefore preventing vendor lock-in. iCAS’ independency from specific storage infrastructures makes it easy and economical to integrate and administer in nearly any IT infrastructure, and to migrate archived data to a new or future storage hardware.


No matter where your data is stored, our solutions protect and monitor it from unauthorized access, modification, silent data corruption, and unintentional deletion throughout its long retention periods.

What costumers say

“We don’t regret switching to HPE Storage and iCAS. Access times to data have been reduced enormous. Furthermore, administration is now far easier. Previously, our technicians had to work with two separate management tools – now they can use one single tool. Service is also easier and clearer.“


Timo Kaufmann

Ille Papier-Service

Our satisfied customers in Manufacturing & Retail

Numerous manufacturers and retailers worldwide rely on iTernity solutions as their central and compliant archiving solution. Get inspired by their stories.

Archiving of SAP documents

When it comes to data archiving and WORM storage (Write Once Read Many), organizations face a variety of challenges: Security, availability, privacy, compliance with regulatory requirements, and so forth. Furthermore, there is a great need for flexibility, scalability, and minimized cost. How can SAP customers ensure that the storage of their archive-relevant data is secure, cost-efficient, and complies with applicable regulations?

Learn more about SAP archiving

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