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Managed storage - Take the load off your IT

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Your challenge: too few staff, too many tasks

No matter how large and dedicated your IT department is, do you always face a shortage of staff to support your systems?

Especially the basic tasks in data storage are complex. Smooth storage operations need to be ensured, fires extinguished, systems maintained, and capacities monitored. But that's not the only challenge your employees face. IT landscapes are becoming more and more complex and cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent, while data volumes continue to increase.

As a result, your employees have to spend a lot of time on data storage - working time which is urgently needed for other tasks. So, what if you could simply hand over the administration, monitoring, and management of your data storage?

Tight working hours and IT skills shortage
Increasing IT complexity and thus growing expenses and risks
Difficult capacity planning due to increasing data volumes from archive, backup, etc.
Risk of data loss and downtime due to cyber threats and natural disasters

The solution: Managed storage

How about just handing over a lot of the daily tasks and basic routines?


The iCAS FS scale-out storage platform includes managed storage services for your business-critical data. With this complete package, you place the management of your data storage in our experienced hands - you can then concentrate fully on your core business and the further development of your IT.


This minimizes downtime, simplifies operation, and reduces your storage costs. Best of all, you retain full control and sovereignty over your data - because iCAS FS is operated in your data center.


Rely entirely on protected and available data with iCAS FS, without worrying about management.

How managed storage relieves your IT

Management of the storage system

Your IT department has virtually no touch points with the iCAS FS storage setup. iTernity handles incidental basic tasks such as administration, troubleshooting, monitoring, patch management, and maintenance of your storage system. Save yourself the hassle of managing your data storage and instead increase the efficiency of your IT team.

Proactive 24/7 monitoring

The complete iCAS FS storage system (including storage software, hardware, network connections and capacity) is monitored around the clock. Errors are automatically detected, reported, and resolved by iTernity. You can be confident that the integrity, security, and availability of your data is guaranteed at all times.

Always up to date

Count on your storage system to always be up to date. iTernity adds new features, updates, and security patches into your system, minimizing security risks.

Simple capacity management

iTernity monitors the storage capacity for you and informs you in good time of upcoming expansions. This also reduces the current risk of long hardware delivery times. You can start with small data volumes and flexibly expand the capacity depending on your actual needs.

Further advantages with iCAS FS

Central platform for various use cases, such as audit-proof archiving, backup storage, and cost-efficient long-term storage
Only ONE storage system: No management of many system-specific policies, operating concepts, and service level packages
No need to build up know-how: Use of iTernity's many years of experience and efficiency
Over 53% cost savings compared to leading public cloud storage solutions
Ransomware protection thanks to immutable storage, and minimized attack surface
Cloud Experience On-Premises: Realize the benefits of the cloud in your own data center - and still retain data sovereignty
Future-proof through openness and interfaces: Over 140 validated business applications (DMS, ECM, ERP, PACS, HIS, e-mail)
Audited and certified by KPMG (GDPR, GoBD)

Effort and cost: iCAS FS beats public cloud storage

Don't just believe what we tell you. Convince yourself.


The analyst firm ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group) has compared the total costs and IT efforts of leading public cloud providers with iCAS FS. The result: companies can save 53% total costs and at least 61% administrative effort with iCAS FS - with optimized compliance, data protection, and IT security. What to expect in the study:

  • Detailed total cost comparison of leading public cloud storages and iCAS FS
  • Minimized IT effort thanks to managed services
  • More benefits with iCAS FS around additional costs, compliance, and ransomware protection


Download cost comparison here.

What analysts say

"Archives do not have to be in the public cloud to be cost-effective and operationally efficient. Companies should always compare the advantages of the cloud with other solutions and consider all relevant criteria to optimize their IT investments. With iCAS FS, iTernity strikes the current nerve to solve the challenges of cost-efficient and legally compliant archiving."

Christophe Bertrand, Senior Analyst, ESG

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Sounds interesting? Read the blog article for a detailed overview of how Managed Storage can free up space for core tasks in your IT department.


Take the next steps towards future-proof IT with iTernity. Our experts will advise you on all aspects of managed storage. We will show you how you can ensure fail-safe storage operations with iCAS FS, while minimizing your time expenditure. Arrange your personal consultation appointment.

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