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In healthcare, patient care is paramount. Sensitive data requires secure storage methods that ensure long-term protection of data integrity and availability. While data volumes, IT complexity and the number of cyber-attacks are increasing, many clinics and hospitals are facing a shortage of IT professionals and tight IT budgets. With the right storage solution, healthcare organizations can address this tension.

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Manufacturing & Retail

Companies in manufacturing and retail need cost-effective storage and archiving solutions with comprehensive functionalities. The systems must cover long-term data availability, data protection, data integrity and numerous highly individual requirements. In addition, their compatibility with a wide range of business applications, data sources and storage systems is essential. Our solutions are ideally suited for manufacturing and retail to store and protect valuable data assets in a future-proof way.

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Financial Services

The financial sector must comply with the strictest data management and compliance regulations. Long-term integrity, availability and security of data are the essential requirements. Failure to meet specific requirements can result in serious fines, lawsuits and reputational damage. iTernity solutions have been specifically designed and certified (e.g. for SEC 17a-4) to enable financial institutions to meet these demanding requirements and look to the future with confidence.

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Pharma & Life Sciences

The pharmaceutical industry needs to ensure that archived data and records are complete, consistent and unchangeable, and can be quickly retrieved at any time. iTernity solutions meet these demanding requirements and ensure the long-term integrity and availability of electronic archive data, regardless of where it is stored.

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Public Sector

Public institutions need to properly manage large volumes, many different types and often sensitive data. With iTernity solutions, public sector organizations can not only archive their critical data centrally, but also secure it for as long as needed. Public record data is protected from damage, manipulation and deletion during their long retention periods with our solutions.

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