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On the right track for future-proof archiving

Supporting all industries’ data availability and integrity

Every business faces challenges in managing, storing and protecting vast amounts of data and information. Various business demands have to be satisfied and in many industries heavy regulations come on top of that. iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) was built and certified exactly to help various industries in fulfilling manifold regulatory requirements, internal corporate policies in information archiving and to reduce cost and effort at the same time.

The Healthcare industry

Data archiving systems in healthcare institutions need to satisfy specific and complex requirements, regulations and data governance policies. iCAS enables healthcare institutions to fulfill complex data storage requirements, comply with regulations, and reduce their storage costs at the same time.

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Financial services

The financial sector must comply with the strictest data management and compliance regulations. Long-term integrity, availability and security of data assets are essential requirements. Not to fulfill the specific requirements can result in financial penalties, lawsuits and reputational damage. iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) was specifically developed and certified (e.g. for SEC 17a-4) to enable financial institutions to meet their challenging requirements.

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Manufacturing & Retail

Companies in manufacturing and retail require economic data archiving solutions with comprehensive functionality. They need to solve long-term data availability, privacy, integrity protection, and other needs. Additionally their compatibility with different business applications and data sources as well as various storage systems is essential. iCAS is the proven solution for manufacturers and retailers to retain and safeguard their valuable data assets in compliant and efficient manners.

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Pharmacy & Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical industries must ensure that their archived data and records remain complete, consistent, accurate, and can be quickly retrieved at any time they are needed. iCAS meets these challenging requirements and ensures long-term integrity and availability of electronic archives or permanent records no matter where they are stored.

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The Public sector

Public sector institutions must properly manage large volumes, many kinds of, and often sensitive information. iCAS enables institutions in the public sector not only to centrally archive their important data, but also to protect it for as long as it is required. With iCAS, public record data are protected from damage, manipulation and deletion throughout their long retention periods no matter where they are stored.

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iCAS - the flexible archiving solution for every purpose

Apart from the above mentioned industries, iTernity solutions have also enabled organizations in other business sectors to retain and protect their essential information. We want to mention the following to show the diverse areas of application.

  • Telco-Providers
  • Media Companies
  • Law firms
  • Historic Archives
  • Aviation companies
  • Laboratories
  • Museums (digital art archiving)

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