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iTernity Compliant Archive Software - iCAS

iTernity iCAS

iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) is a flexible and scalable data management and archiving solution for all types of business data. Key features of iCAS include protecting the integrity and availability of critical data, and managing storage-level retention policies. The software solution works as middleware between business applications / data sources and the storage infrastructure and secures your data regardless of the used storage technology.

Flexible long-term archiving with integrity protection

iCAS defines audit-proof data storage and long-term archiving in a new way! The software solution ensures compliance with various legal standards (GDPR, GoBD, Basel III, SOX, HIPAA, SEC 17a-4, etc.) and provides a secure platform for various data sources and business applications, including DMS, ECM, ERP, PACS, e-mail.


In this way, iCAS ensures long-term data integrity and availability, even as storage technology and hardware change in the future. As a software-defined solution, iCAS lays the foundation for legally compliant data archiving - flexible, future-proof and cost-efficient!

Software-Defined Archiving

Software-defined and future-proof archiving

Benefits of iTernity iCAS
  • Future-proof data archiving platform
  • Fulfillment of legal requirements
  • No hardware lock-in
  • Data integrity protection
  • GDPR-compliant archiving
  • Scale-out into the PB range
  • Certification for 120+ business applications
  • Cost-efficient software solution

The use of a Software-Defined Archiving solution enables companies to flexibly store their valuable data while meeting all compliance requirements. The archiving process becomes flexible and scalable because the functionalities are no longer tied to the hardware level but to the software layer.


The patented Content Storage Container (CSC) technology bundles archive data with the corresponding metadata in dedicated archive containers. These are secured against manipulation and unauthorized deletion. Other basic features of iCAS include WORM storage (Write Once Read Many), AES256 encryption and Self-Healing for long-term data integrity protection.

The Advantages of iCAS at a Glance

Data Integrity
Data Privacy
Maximum Flexibility
Cost Efficiency
Certified software solution

Certified software solution

iCAS ensures maximum data security with proven features for legally compliant and future-proof archiving. The conformity of iCAS with various legal requirements - such as GDPR, SEC 17a-4, SOX, GoDB, Basel III etc. - has been assessed and certified by the auditing company KPMG.

In addition, iTernity commissioned Cohasset Associates Inc. with an independent assessment to review the capabilities of iCAS to meet the requirements of SEC 17a-4 and CFTC 1.31. For iCAS, Cohasset confirms all the necessary functions for legally compliant archiving within a clearly defined and comprehensive archiving process.


Here you can download the iTernity and iCAS software certificates:

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More than 1,200 customers around the world and across all industries trust in iTernity's innovative solutions. It's our strength to meet a variety of needs with just a few powerful and flexible solutions. Our software is often implemented as an important building block in the data management process, providing our customers with a central, secure and cost-effective platform for long-term data archiving.


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