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iCAS FS Scale-Out Platform

The next generation of data archiving

What is iCAS FS?

Unlimited scalability for limited IT budgets

iCAS FS is a scale-out platform for long-term archiving of compliance data and other business data. The software-defined storage platform scales without limits starting at 20 TB, and impresses with low TCO, great ease of use and high flexibility.

53% cost savings compared to public cloud storage and you retain the control of your data
Start small, scale without limits: Scale-out from 20 TB in one software-defined archive platform
Cloud Experience On-Premises
Enjoy the advantages of public cloud storage on-premises
Auto-managed archive system (zero-touch operation) with monitoring of the whole set-up

Make no compromises in security & compliance

iCAS FS enables future-proof data archiving and compliance (GDPR, GoBD, HIPAA) at low total costs. The platform is ideal for storing and protecting data from various applications and sources. It enables the relief of your primary storage as well as cold data filing for WORM and non-WORM data. The appliance-like architecture is based on standard hardware and a Linux operation system. Thanks to WORM storage, retention management, encryption and audit trail, iCAS FS places great emphasis on compliance and security, which has also been confirmed and certified by KPMG.

Zero-touch operation, auto-managed system and integrated monitoring
NFS, SMB, and S3 interface
Multi-tenancy; different repositories for WORM and Non-WORM data
Hardware independence: based on standard hardware and a hardened Linux OS
High availability due to transparent read/write failover and active-active cluster
Asynchronous replication for copies in stretched clusters
Ransomware protection of WORM data
Audited and certified by KMPG (GDPR, GoBD, ...)

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Architecture and Requirements

So that archiving works like a dream and doesn't turn into a nightmare: What should an archiving system look like in a perfect world?

  • The archive does what it is supposed to do: Store and protect data from different sources, for the long term, and meet all regulatory requirements
  • The system identifies sources of error and fixes them independently
  • You have no touchpoints and no workload with the system
  • The capacity grows in relation to the requirements and can be extended easily and limitlessly
  • The total costs are transparent and, most of all, low
  • The system is robust, secure, and highly available
  • The archive is designed for future changes and is independent
  • Investments in software and hardware are protected
  • You can rely on your archive and so focus on your core business


This scenario was the drawing board for the development of iCAS FS. It took us a lot of brainwork, passion, a little bit of cheekiness and many years of experience. We are proud of the result! Convince yourself and turn the perfect world scenario into reality with iCAS FS.


Low total costs (TCO)

The promise of public cloud storage is simple: more agility, ease of use, and low cost. However, investment decisions should not be based on promises, but on facts. That’s why IT analyst and validation firm ESG evaluated the overall costs of archive storage solutions, comparing the leading public cloud storage options with iTernity’s on-premises scale-out platform iCAS FS. The results may surprise IT leaders and will challenge commonly accepted assumptions about cloud storage.


Only a standard Ethernet network and two servers are required for an iCAS FS starter configuration. As a software-defined platform, iCAS FS is based on an x86 server with local disks. Further cost savings are realized by the zero-touch operation. This way, no administration, training or special knowledge is required. You can start small and grow with your actual needs.

Download the ESG TCO Study
High Availability

High availability

iCAS FS is a scale-out cluster in which the overall performance is provided by a large number of storage server nodes. This modular architecture allows for any expansion of capacity and performance. Thanks to the transparent read/write failover and active-active cluster, iCAS FS offers high availability for archiving your important business data. If one node is not available, data is written to another available node. As soon as the node is available again, the data is automatically synchronized and full redundancy is restored. iCAS FS switches smartly between synchronous and asynchronous replication, depending on the current latency between data centers, and allows stretched clusters over long distances (WAN copy).

Cloud Experience

Cloud Experience On-Premises

iCAS FS is software-defined. iCAS FS is on-premise. And yet we are talking about a cloud experience. We do this for a very simple reason: iCAS FS is an archiving system with zero-touch operation for the user. The complete setup is automatically monitored, and errors are detected and repaired by the system itself. In addition, the storage capacity can be expanded easily, flexibly, and cost-effectively. In a nutshell: “cloud experience on-premises“ - for high agility and flexibility, user-friendly application, and low total cost.



Archiving of large video files

The central task of a museum is to preserve artworks for future generations - in high quality, immutable and secure. This task takes on completely new dimensions in a digitalized art world. In addition to the conversion and digitization of originally analogue works, the number of "born digital" works, such as digital videos and photos, is also increasing. These must be stored securely and for the long term. The Kunsthaus Zürich also faced this challenge.

Read the Case Study
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