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Future-Proof and Cost-Efficient Data Archiving

The digital revolution has empowered a great many industries and changed the way we work. It has exponentially increased data collection and the need for compliant, flexible data archiving. As the landscape continues to evolve, more and more companies are choosing to future-proof their data archiving with a modern, advanced solution.


Your business environment typically has multiple applications that manage structured and unstructured information. Secure data management and storage solutions are essential. It is important that you keep this information:

  • Available
  • Protected
  • Valid
  • Managed

Streamline Your Data Management

Archive data in general is data that remains important to your organisation or must be retained for future reference or regulatory compliance. Data archiving is determined as the process of moving data that is no longer actively used to a separate storage device for long-term retention. The first thing you can do within your organisation is to apply a process to data archiving. We all know that compliance and regulations around data collection and storage are enforced by law. Implementing a defined process for your company archiving not only demonstrates your compliance but optimizes efficiencies and ensures all staff apply the same disciplined approach.

Meeting Future Archive Storage Demands

Traditional solutions, such as dedicated hardware silos, were not designed for the rapid data growth that we have witnessed. Organisations are confronted with significant challenges in managing, storing and protecting their big data. Scaling data storage capacities in a justifiable manner play a decisive role in meeting storage demands and maintaining cost-efficiency.


Data retention periods of several years up to one or two decades (longer in some instances) apply to many types of data and documents. Storage changes often require data migrations which results in additional expense. As the industry experiences rapid technology advances and storage techniques and needs continue to evolve, a more flexible approach is sought.

The Key Benefits of Modern Archiving

The response to the modern complexities of data archiving is an efficient, effective tool to archive your important business data. A future-proof solution made possible by Software-Defined Archiving (SDA).


  • SDA users gain long-term independence from proprietary systems as solutions act as middleware between business applications and storage systems. Meaning no more hardware silos.
  • The rigid design of hardware-based archiving systems usually incurs high costs when the performance or capacities of the proprietary systems have to be enhanced. In contrast, SDA solutions operate in physical or virtual servers. They enable business data to be stored according to the WORM principle, independent of the underlying hardware.
  • Often different departments within an organisation archive data in different systems, which can create complications. With SDA, storage systems from different manufacturers can be easily combined due to its hardware independence and various applications can be connected, creating one unified archiving system.
  • You can easily replace storage devices, as the ‘intelligence’ of the archives lies on a software layer. This approach allows for adaptability and reflects current market requirements.


SDA solutions enable your business to flexibly store your valuable data (regardless of its size) and observe regulatory requirements. Archiving is extremely scalable as the necessary hardware functionalities are managed by a software layer – providing a future-proof solution for your business.


iTernity develops software solutions for the protection and long-term integrity of all types of data. Businesses all over the world entrust their data with us. Our SDA archiving approach delivers unparalleled hardware independence, flexibility and legally compliant archiving. To review your archiving requirements with a specialist, please get in touch.

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