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Unlock your archive data

Vendor lock in for archiving

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Flexible data management without vendor lock-in

Proprietary archive silos pose major challenges for IT and storage managers. The Software-Defined Archiving approach helps overcome the limitations of legacy archive silos and break the dependency on proprietary APIs.

Perfect world scenario without vendor lock in

Vendor lock-in means that customers are dependent on the products and services of a provider. Changing the provider is only possible with great effort and high costs and is therefore unlikely. In data storage and archiving, vendor lock-ins are often seen in hardware and software.


Due to the limitations and disadvantages of proprietary archive storage solutions, the question arises as to what future-proof systems could look like. If long-term data storage and archiving were a dream and should not turn into a nightmare: what should the solution look like in a perfect world?

  • The solution does what it is supposed to do: Store data from different sources for the long term and meet all regulatory requirements
  • Sources of errors are detected and corrected independently by the system
  • Administrators have little or no work with the system
  • Capacity grows with requirements and can be expanded easily and indefinitely
  • Total costs are transparent and low
  • The system is robust, secure and highly available
  • The solution is designed for future changes and is independent of specific vendors and technologies
  • Investments in software, hardware and services are protected
  • IT can rely on the system and concentrate on the core business


This scenario is closely intertwined with the idea of Software-Defined Archiving. When selecting long-term storage, it is critical for organizations to remain adaptable and agile. A software-based solution approach offers flexible and future-proof options here, as in other areas of professional IT.

Whitepaper: Software-Defined Archiving

Software-Defined Archiving (SDA) offers companies the opportunity to react flexibly to their increased archiving requirements without being tied to storage manufacturers or hardware.


Read the whitepaper to find out what Software-Defined Archiving means, how the approach differs from others and whether the switch is worthwhile for your archive storage.

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Independent archiving with iTernity

iTernity iCAS helps companies store archive data in a hardware-independent and future-proof manner. The data management and archiving solution enables secure and cost-efficient storage from a wide range of data sources.


iCAS means Software-Defined Archiving: based on industry standards, iCAS offers open interfaces and maximum flexibility. Thus, the software solution ensures long-term security, availability and integrity of your data. This is elementary for business continuity, risk minimization and compliance requirements. iCAS meets the highest security standards and complies with numerous legal requirements (e.g. SEC 17a-4, GDPR, tax regulations, SOX, HIPAA, BASEL III etc.).


iCAS acts as a software layer between the business applications and the storage infrastructure - independent of the hardware used. This enables the use of any industry standard infrastructure for data protection. As a central archiving backend for various data types, iCAS has certifications for more than 120 applications that manage business-relevant content (email, documents, voice recordings, images, videos, etc.).

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What our customers say

With the switch to iCAS, our costs for the overall archive solution have dropped by around 20%. If we compare the pure costs for the archive storage, i.e. the license and support costs without the separate virtualization costs, we are even talking about a cost reduction of 47% compared to the previous NetApp archive.

Markus Bantleon

Deputy Head of IT Service Management at DAV Medien

Your advantages with iTernity

Data Integrity

Uncomplicated and fast data migration

To enable the change to a modern and future-proof archive, iTernity supports you in migrating data to the new platform. This is done using established tools and processes and includes plausibility checks of the existing data as well as an audit trail with comprehensive end-to-end logging.


The use of specialized tools enables data migrations at a fraction of the required cost and time compared to application migrations. Feel free to ask us for details!

Advantages of a migration with iTernity

  • Minimization of disruptions in the daily business
  • Highly automated migration tasks
  • Reduction of migration costs and time
  • Holistic solution
  • Comprehensive audit trail


iCAS is the central archive storage for all SAP data. The software replaced EMC Centera and is a robust and cost-effective solution that offers more flexibility for additional use cases and hardware options.
iCAS enabled a large German university hospital to implement secure and cost-efficient storage for constantly growing data volumes. The hardware independence and flexibility desired by the customer was ensured by iCAS' software-defined approach.
Central archiving platform for more than 300 different archiving projects within the company including SAP, banking, historical archives and many more. Includes compliant and secure data migration from Centera.
iCAS is the secure backend platform for the SAP archive. The Centera extension would have been three times as expensive as the iCAS implementation. The customer was able to continue using the existing storage infrastructure, which led to more efficiency in the data center.

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