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Hardware independent & flexible

Software-Defined Archiving

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Future-proof archiving without dependencies

Software-Defined Archiving (SDA) separates the archive intelligence from physical hardware. A flexible software layer bundles and centralizes archiving functionalities. Archiving thus becomes scalable, efficient, flexible and independent of storage hardware.

Archiving is necessary for most organizations for legal and internal reasons, often even mission-critical. This will not change in the future as data volumes continue to increase and compliance and regulations continue to evolve.


Unlike traditional archive systems, SDA is designed around industry-standard or x86 systems, which are intended to break the software's dependence on proprietary hardware. The decoupling of software and hardware enables flexible expansion of storage capacity.

Archiving without a software-defined architecture

  • Hardware and vendor lock-in is possible
  • Rigid siloed storage architecture
  • Flexibility and scalability limitations
  • Unused capacity, re-licensing with each new hardware generation, limited archive efficiency
  • Effort for maintenance and operation
  • Complicated, costly and time-consuming data migrations

Your benefits with Software-Defined Archiving

No lock-in: Builds on the existing storage infrastructure and freely selectable x86 hardware
Central archiving system: Integration of various data sources and business applications
Flexible scaling: Respond to requirements as needed and scale depending on actual storage needs
Smooth relocation: Secure, cost-effective and fast data migrations during ongoing operations

What our customers say

With iCAS, all our requirements were met: High flexibility, easy scalability and seamless integration into our existing software and hardware infrastructure.

Thomas Wagner

Employee in the IT department, Hekatron

Whitepaper: Software-Defined Archiving

Software-Defined Archiving (SDA) offers companies the opportunity to react flexibly to their increased archiving requirements without being tied to storage manufacturers or hardware.


Read the whitepaper to find out what Software-Defined Archiving means, how the approach differs from others and whether the switch is worthwhile for your archive storage.


Key topics include:

  • What challenges do companies face when it comes to long-term data storage?
  • What difficulties and limitations are associated with archival storage solutions of previous generations?
  • What does the perfect world scenario for long-term data storage look like?
  • What are the advantages of Software-Defined Archiving and why should companies count on this approach?
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Set your archive system free

Our unique archiving approach is based on the established Software-Defined Storage (SDS) concept. To enable you to flexibly expand storage capacity, this involves decoupling the storage software from the underlying hardware.


The advantage of this open approach is that it is based on industry standards, x86 hardware, and open interfaces. By leveraging the latest developments in industry-standard server and storage hardware, Software-Defined Archiving enables you to take advantage of the latest hardware improvements and price reductions over time. This results in tremendous total cost advantages over proprietary systems and the public cloud. Software-Defined Archiving also allows you to tie your existing infrastructure to the archiving software. Depending on the solution used, this can range from DAS, NAS, SAN, to object and cloud storage systems.


With SDA you get a lean infrastructure, which can react flexibly to changes and easily adapt to new requirements at the same time. This allows you to use existing resources more efficiently, expand more easily, migrate data more simply, and centralize the archive.

Software-Defined Archiving with iTernity

iCAS Middleware

iCAS is a middleware based on the Software-Defined Archiving approach. The archiving software can easily be integrated into existing and heterogeneous IT infrastructures. With iCAS, you can simply and quickly meet regulatory and legal requirements through WORM data storage, encryption and retention management.

Learn more about iCAS

iCAS FS Scale-Out Platform

Use our Software-Defined Archiving technology for cost-effective and high-performance x86 servers to scale your archive without limits. With iCAS FS you get an auto-managed archiving system with which you have no administration effort. Benefit from low total costs, easy handling and cover several use cases around long-term data storage in one platform.

Learn more about iCAS FS

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