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SAP archiving

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Software-Defined SAP Archiving

When it comes to archiving SAP data, companies face a variety of challenges: Security, availability, regulatory compliance.... On the other hand, there is a clear need for flexibility, scalability and minimized costs.


How can SAP customers ensure that the data stored by their DMS/ECM is secure and compliant without losing sight of cost efficiency?

Whether for archived attachments or documents, the integrity and availability of SAP data must be guaranteed. Due to the limitations and disadvantages of proprietary archiving solutions, a flexible approach to archiving and protecting critical enterprise data is required. iTernity's Software-Defined Archiving approach supports you in storing and protecting your SAP archive-relevant documents and enables cost efficiency, maximum flexibility as well as the highest security standards. This approach helps you manage the growth and protection of your SAP archive-relevant documents for the long term.


The concept is simple and efficient: the software is the focus and provides the archiving intelligence, not the hardware. Software-Defined Archiving is based on open industry standards, eliminates hardware lock-ins and is easily adaptable to future requirements.

Advantages with iTernity

Validation for numerous SAP ArchiveLink® certified ECM/DMS solutions
Archiving intelligence is decoupled from hardware
Reduction of archive costs by over 50%
AES 256 encryption for the highest security requirements (PCI-DSS, GDPR, SOX)
Continuous data integrity checks and self-healing
Unlimited scalability & flexibility
WORM storage and retention management
Easy integration into the existing IT infrastructure

How Software-Defined Archiving can help optimize your SAP archive infrastructure

  • Reduction of total archive costs by up to 50%

Due to its hardware independence, Software-Defined Archiving enables a reduction of archive storage costs (TCO) by up to 50% compared to proprietary hardware silos. Software-Defined Archiving is based on x86 hardware and is characterized by its openness and scalability. The combination of industry standard servers, hardware independence and transparent licensing and support costs offers companies great potential in increasing the efficiency of their IT infrastructure.


  • Data integrity checks and Self-Healing

Archived attachments and archive files are typical business data in SAP environments that must be kept available and valid over a long period of time. The long-term integrity and availability of these SAP archive-relevant documents can be ensured in a variety of ways - from containerization of data and metadata to data replication, automated integrity checks and Self-Healing.


  • Regulatory compliance

Protecting SAP archive-relevant data and ensuring its long-term availability and integrity are important for compliance with internal and external regulations for data management (e.g. SEC17a-4, Basel III, PCI-DSS, GDPR,...). However, these requirements cannot be met by SAP-certified DMS systems or storage hardware alone. To meet the various regulations for data storage, specialized archive solution helps and closes the gap between SAP-certified DMS and storage infrastructure.


  • Easy integration and hardware independence

By using software technology to manage and store SAP archive-relevant documents, archiving intelligence is provided by software, not hardware. Software-Defined Archiving offers hardware independence and easy integration into existing IT infrastructures. It is important to connect and validate the providers of DMS, ECM, and ERP applications to ensure smooth collaboration.

Whitepaper: SAP Archiving

Learn in the whitepaper how Software-Defined Archiving can help you modernize your SAP archive storage infrastructure, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and ensure the integrity of archived documents. Learn how to...

  • Implement an archiving and WORM storage infrastructure behind your SAP ArchiveLink-enabled DMS/ECM
  • Achieve hardware independence so you can quickly and easily adapt your archive to new storage technologies
  • Rely on industry standards to significantly reduce your archive costs and grow as you need it
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SAP ArchiveLink-Certified ECM Solutions

A selection of our certified applications:

What our customers say

The aviation industry is by its very nature a highly regulated sector and as a leading manufacturer, the quality assurance process with customers in particular must be designed to be watertight. That is why we have relied on iCAS for many years as the central archive for our SAP and development data.

Stefan Wilflingseder

Chief Information Security Officer & Data Protection Coordinator, FACC

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