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University Hospital Tübingen

Future-proof data archive with reduced costs and enhanced performance

University Hospital Tübingen was looking for a new archiving solution which could meet its specific requirements. In addition to technical factors, existing certifications of the solution had a major influence on the decision. The system should be hardware-independent, flexible and scalable. A particular challenge in the field of digital archiving and data management was the migration from the old archive to the new system.

The success at a glance

Seamless and vendor-independent integration into existing infrastructure
Easy to learn with a high degree of user friendliness
Highest security and integrity of the hospital data
Unprecedented flexibility and scalability of the archiving system
The company

A leading center of Germany’s academic medicine

The company at a glance:
  • Company: University Hospital Tübingen
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Employees: about 9,000
  • Focus: supra-maximum care

University Hospital Tübingen is a leading center of university medicine in Germany. About 70,000 inpatients and 370,000 outpatients are treated at the hospital per year. As a supramaximal care hospital, all specialist areas are covered in a 24-hour operation at more than 17 clinics. The leading-edge technology and increasing duty of documentation are the key drivers to the hospital’s continuous data growth.

The challenge

The limitation of the previous solution

“The old archive storage was a very static system which completely depended on a particular manufacturer. The economic limit of the system was also reached, as support and maintenance costs increased exponentially over the years.”

Steffen Sick
Head of Infrastructure Department, University Hospital Tübingen

The number of objects that are archived annually at the University Hospital Tübingen is around seventy million and continually growing. In addition, doctors must be granted access to all patient data at any time and the data have to be archived audit-proof for at least 30 years. This means that malfunctions and failures of the archiving system are not acceptable. Thus, the hospital searched for a new system based on its specific requirements: Hardware-independent, flexible and scalable. At the same time, the system had to have the right certifications for archiving patient data.

The solution

Switching to iCAS

The prior system was replaced by iCAS. Now, the software-based archiving solution operates as an additional data pool, which is linked to various applications in order to store the archive data. The archiving system d.3 is connected directly to iCAS via the certified interface. In addition to auditing reliability, iCAS offers the hospital further important benefits:

  • Open interfaces enable connection to various systems
  • Virtualization capability and easy scalability
  • iCAS Self-Healing function checks data integrity and automatically replaces corrupted objects with valid backups
  • Easy usability makes extensive training obsolete

With regard to the future of the archiving infrastructure, the hospital is looking forward with confidence to the coming years and expected technology changes.

"The significant advantages of iCAS are the flexibility of the solution in terms of infrastructure and open interfaces, which enable us to integrate other systems as well in the future.“


Steffen Sick
Head of Infrastructure Department, University Hospital Tübingen

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