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Is your archive and long-term storage mutating into a time and cost eater?

Data growth, strict legal requirements, complex IT infrastructures - storing corporate data securely for the long term is a challenge for every IT department.

Compliance regulations require companies to store sensitive data, sometimes for several decades. Companies are generating ever greater volumes of data which influence business success and must be stored securely. This data is also increasingly becoming a target for cyber-attacks. At the same time, there is often a lack of resources to meet the high demands of secure data storage. To meet these challenges, IT departments need to find efficient solutions.

Do you want to focus on your core tasks again and not waste energy and costs on long-term data storage? We help you solve your challenges with our software-based approach, relieve your IT departments, and bring your sensitive corporate data safely into the future.

What our customers say

“If we had continued to use the previous system appliance, audit-proof data storage would have been tied to dedicated hardware in the future. The switch was urgent, as we are strategically focusing on flexibility and virtualization of our infrastructure. Further postponement would have only increased the problem of hardware lock-in.”


Holger Hussy

Chief Information Officer, Karlsruhe City Hospital

"We are already feeling the rapid data growth at the moment, but we expect stronger growth in the coming years. Already in the selection process of DMS and archive it was important for us that we are well positioned for the future. iTernity and Optimal Systems have always supported us competently and have set the right course proactively for future developments."


Thomas Lozano

IT Project Manager at Gebr. Pfeiffer SE

“In the past, we had to step in as firefighters for at least eight hours a week to deal with optical disk problems. Now we don’t have to do anything. The iCAS system is extremely reliable, which has allowed us to save nearly one FTE from the time savings.”


Giacomo Van der Gaag

Storage Consultant for Deloitte

More than 1,200 Organizations Trust in iTernity

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