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Data compliance and streamlined archiving

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When optical disk-based WORM technology became obsolete, Syngenta needed a modern archiving solution that could maintain compliance and provide future-proof integrity protection – as well as the right certification. The KPMG-certification and the partnership with HPE made iTernity iCAS the ideal solution for the agribusiness company.

The success at a glance

Tamper-proof archives of critical and legal business documents
Better speed and reliability of archiving and retrieving records
Archiving of multiple applications with one integrated solution
Simplification to provide audit information

Agribusiness giant

Company overview:

  • Company: Syngenta
  • Industry: Agribusiness
  • Employees: approx. 28.000
  • Focus: Agrochemicals, seeds, and pesticides
  • Headquarters: Basel (CH)

Syngenta is one of the world’s leading agribusinesses with more than 28.000 employees and presence in approximately 90 countries. The company is engaged in world-class science to enable sustainable agriculture solutions. As a publicly traded company, Syngenta must comply with industry and government regulations. Therefore, it must maintain a secure and unalterable archive of important financial statements, human resources records, and other critical business and legal documents.

Archiving with outdated technology

Syngenta previously relied on WORM technology, using OpenText software to manage the archive process. However, optical WORM archive systems became technologically outdated and too slow for modern archiving demands. Therefore, it was critical for Syngenta to find a new storage solution that could manage retention policies and protect archive data to maintain compliance with greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. An appropriate certification that ensured compliance was also a significant requirement.

"For our users, the iCAS archives are completely transparent. They can access archived records as easily as active documents and much faster than ever before."

Tjerk Boorsma

IS Strategic Supplier Manager at Syngenta

Modern alternative to WORM

Syngenta found the ideal solution in iTernity iCAS, which provides highly reliant archiving that ensures compliance with KPMG certification, HPE Server Blades as well as HPE Enterprise Services. By using iCAS as an archive middleware, the company benefits from WORM functionality and the same compliant archiving capabilities as before.


Numerous advantages convinced Syngenta to change to iCAS:

  • iCAS provides end users with transparent access to archived documents
  • Use of patented Content Storage Container (CSC) technology to create objects which contain both data and metadata
  • Very fast, flexible and cost-efficient solution
  • Virtual extension of the archiving capacity without limits
  • No hardware limitation to specific storage systems

Looking ahead, Syngenta now has an archive infrastructure that enables it to include many additional business processes and information. This is essential as the company grows and as regulatory requirements continue to evolve. The users and Tjerk Boorsma are satisfied with their choice.

„We needed a certified archive solution. iCAS holds the highly trusted KPMG certification, which gave us confidence that it would meet our compliance requirements.“

Tjerk Boorsma

IS Strategic Supplier Manager at Syngenta

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