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Data intelligence & protection

Commvault & iTernity

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Backup Intelligence with Commvault & iTernity

Combining Commvault with iTernity provides a scalable, secure and flexible backup solution that meets the long-term data protection needs of any organization and provides a cost-effective way to solve today's backup storage challenges.

  • iTernity and Commvault are Alliance Technology Partners
  • The scale-out platform iCAS FS is a qualified backup target for Commvault backups
  • iCAS FS is a validated S3-compatible Object Storage Library for Commvault. iCAS FS is a scale-out platform for backup, archive and business critical data of all kinds. The software-defined storage platform scales without limits, and impresses with low TCO, great ease of use and high flexibility.


Ensure data availability for all workloads across cloud and on-prem environments with Commvault Backup & Recovery, delivering:

  • Simple, comprehensive backup and archiving from a single extensible platform and user interface
  • The industry’s broadest workload coverage for cloud, on-prem, SaaS, virtual, physical, application, databases, and more data sets
  • Trusted recovery including rapid, granular recovery of data and applications
  • Resilient ransomware protection and end-to-end data security with encryption
  • Flexible data reuse with copy data management to facilitate DevOps, perform security testing, test patches and upgrades, and more

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