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SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG


As one of the worlds leading vendors of business solutions, SAP is engineering tailored software solutions for more than 95000 costomers around the world.


To connect SAP to iCAS, a 3rd party software for SAP archiving is required. Software manufacturers for this are partners such as OpenText, PBS, KGS and other ECM providers. Alternatively and under certain circumstances, it is also possible to archive data directly via the SAP ContentServer on iCAS. Please contact us for more details.

Archiving of SAP documents

When it comes to data archiving and WORM storage (Write Once Read Many), organizations face a variety of challenges: Security, availability, privacy, compliance with regulatory requirements, and so forth. Furthermore, there is a great need for flexibility, scalability, and minimized cost. How can SAP customers ensure that the storage of their archive-relevant data is secure, cost-efficient, and complies with applicable regulations?

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