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ESG Report: TCO comparison of public cloud and on-premises archiving

IT analyst and validation firm ESG evaluated the overall costs of archive storage solutions, comparing the leading public cloud storage options with iTernity’s on-premises platform iCAS FS. The results may surprise IT leaders and challenge commonly accepted assumptions on cloud storage.


The total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis is focused on five categories - cost of storage capacity, maintenance and support, power and cooling, cost of capital and storage administration - for a prototypical organization with a petabyte storage footprint. iTernity iCAS FS combines the features of on-premises and public cloud storage for compliance-driven archival workflows: low cost on-premises storage that scales without limits with a zero-touch support model and built-in compliance capabilities including WORM, retention management and end-to-end encryption. Read the economic value validation to see the full comparison of iCAS FS and the leading public cloud storages.

Download the ESG TCO Study "Quantifying the Economic Benefits of the iTernity iCAS FS Archival Storage Platform"

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