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Defining and Solving the Challenges of SAP Archiving

When it comes to the area of SAP Archiving, companies face a host of challenges, from security to availability, and compliance to regulatory requirements. In addition, there is a clear demand for flexibility, scalability, and minimized costs. So how can SAP users ensure that the data stored behind their DMS/ECM is secure and compliant without losing focus on cost-efficiency and scalability?


Data Archiving for SAP Documents

Data archiving is an important method for organisations looking to gain a cost-effective way to oversee their ever-growing data, not only for monetary reasons but also for the strength and longevity of their company data. Yet, when it comes to the area of SAP archiving, companies face a host of challenges. Here we explain how deploying Software-Defined Archiving can help…

Defining and Solving the Challenges of SAP Archiving

There is a set of critical criteria that archive storage must deliver in order to quash the data archiving struggles commonly experienced by businesses… Ideally an archive storage system will offer a future-proof, scalable and cost-efficient solution, while also possessing features that ensure long-term integrity and protection of data. An innovative technology which can fulfil these criteria is the Software-Defined Archiving approach of iTernity, which helps you to manage the growth and protection of your SAP archive-relevant documents.

How Software-Defined Archiving Can Help Your SAP Archiving Infrastructure

  • Archive TCO Reduction by up to 50%

Software-Defined Archiving enables businesses to reduce their archive storage costs (TCO) by up to 50% compared to proprietary hardware silos like Dell EMC Centera, thanks to its hardware independence. This Software-Defined Archiving solution - iCAS - is based on industry standard servers and is far more open and scalable than previous generations of archive storage solutions. The combination of industry standard servers, lower service and support cost offers high potential for companies to reduce their archive storage TCO while reaching new economies of scale.


  • Data Integrity Checks and Self-Healing

Archived attachments and data archiving files are typical business data in SAP environments that need to be kept available and valid over long periods of time. iCAS ensures long-term integrity and availability of SAP archive-relevant documents in a number of effective ways, from containerising of data and metadata to data replication, automated data integrity checks and Self-Healing.


  • Regulatory Compliance

Protecting SAP archived attachments and data archiving files, as well as ensuring their availability and integrity for the long term, are important for meeting stringent internal and external in data governance (e.g. SEC17a-4, Basel III, PCI-DSS, GDPR). However, these requirements cannot be fulfilled by SAP-certified DMS systems nor storage hardware alone. To comply with various regulations for data storage, a solution such as iCAS can help. It has been assessed and certified by independent auditors for its capabilities to provide the highest information security standards, data integrity maintenance, and data retention management on the storage layer.


  • Easy Integration and Hardware Independence

By using a software technology for managing the long-term protection and retention of SAP archive-relevant documents, the software is the focus and provides the archiving intelligence, not the hardware. With no vendor lock-ins, iCAS Software-Defined Archiving provides 100% hardware independence, and an easy integration.


SAP Archiving Made Easy…

Ensuring long-term security, availability and integrity of SAP archive-relevant documents as well as meeting stringent compliant archiving requirements are big business challenges. And these challenges cannot be fulfilled by SAP systems, DMS applications nor storage hardware alone. This is why Software-Defined Archiving is becoming an ever-popular business choice for SAP environments.


iCAS is a flexible data archive storage for the SAP and ECM environment. The open file system interface allows the connection of iCAS with a large number of applications. Therefore, iCAS can be used as a central archive for many different data sources. A selection of our certified applications includes; SAP, documentum, KGS, Docuware, opentext, Saperion, PBS Software and more.


To gain further information about how our Software-Defined Archiving approach, iCAS, can work to improve your SAP data archiving, contact iTernity today.

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