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iTernity Archive Protection

Protect your archive data against ransomware attacks

What is this about?

iTernity Archive Protection

Ransomware attacks pose serious threats to companies and public authorities. iTernity offers a streamlined and secure solution, enabling you to protect your archive data from attacks and to fulfill long-term regulatory requirements.

Protection of your archive data thanks to media disruption and the cloud
Transfer of your archive data to the iTernity Cloud via https
Recovery service from the cloud if your systems are affected
ITIL v3 & ISO 27001 certified and double encryption
iTernity Archive Protection

Your emergency insurance

With the iTernity Archive Protection Service, your archive data is automatically encrypted, uploaded to the iTernity Cloud, and can easily be restored.

Cloud Recovery
Restore your archive data from the iTernity Cloud
Low Costs
Attractive and transparent costs for effective long-term protection
Media Disruption
Storage of archive data outside your local infrastructure
Encryption at rest and in transit, HTTPS data transfer
Entirely operated by iTernity, without effort for your IT (zero-touch)
ITIL v3 and ISO 27001 certification
Various data center locations available
Long-term protection of your archive data

Secure data retention and recovery

It is nearly impossible to prevent a ransomware attack on a local infrastructure. Even when using anti-virus protection, MFA, recognition algorithms, versioning, and snapshots, a substantial residual risk still remains. Only permanent data protection on a medium outside the local infrastructure can deliver a high security level - key word “media disruption”. This is precisely the principle which the iTernity Archive Protection follows.

After your data has been stored in iCAS, the objects are locally encrypted and then transferred to the iTernity Cloud.


In case of an attack on your infrastructure, the archive data in the cloud is not accessible to the ransomware. Data can be restored at any time and delivered to you on a physical storage medium.


The iTernity Archive Protection service enables you to protect your archive data effectively, easily, and at low costs against the increasing threats of ransomware attacks.

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