iTernity Support

According to iTernitys support agreements we offers our customers comprehensive support at highest level.
Please note that new tickets can only be opened via the support center hotline (see below). To expedite your support case, please always email the support zip to, using the iDiag tool.

Support-Hotline DE: +49-761-3873 666

Support-Hotline Americas: +1-646-395-1158

Support-Hotline UK: +44-203-051-5966

E-mail contact:

Support requests for the iCOPY migration tool are also processed via the standard support contacts (support center and e-mail) as part of the support agreement with the customer.

The iDiag tool will be installed with iCAS and is easy to run via a link on the desktop of the iCAS server. An extended system self-check collects the necessary information and automatically creates a support zip file. This file can then be saved and sent to the iCAS support team.


Users of iCAS 3.6 we ask to download the iDiag tool by using the following link and run it on the server.

Download current version of iDiag for iCAS 3.6

For remote support you can make use of one of our support tools like gotomeeting or TeamViewer, which will be used to conduct tests or remote maintenance. Please coordinate this in advance with our support team.

Download iTernity TeamViewer Quick Support

Syngenta ensures compliance with HPE and iTernity

More flexibility thanks to virtualization – iCAS on virtual servers.