Efficient protection for your company data

The availability and integrity of business relevant data is an absolute must for companies in manufacturing and retail.

It is irrelevant if it is a large corporation or an SMB. Aside from the availability which is necessary for the day-to-day business it is necessary to comply with strict regulatory rules to ensure the integrity and transparency of the data.

iCAS was specifically developed to provide exactly the above. The software protects data from various business applications (SAP/ERP, DMS/ECM, e-Mail, etc.) against manipulation and accidental deletion. Additional features like data encryption, data replication, data compression, cloud connectivity provide the highest security and efficient storage usage. Because of its independence of a specific storage infrastructure, it is easy to integrate and administer.

Minimize risk and cost with iCAS and achieve compliance at the same time.

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iCAS Case Study- Poggenpohl

HPE & iCAS Case Study - Deloitte

Good Reasons for iCAS


- iCAS can be used with most storage hardware (no vendor lock in)

- It allows for incident-free migration between different technologies and enables seamless integration

- It integrates seamlessly with cold storage as part of your archiving strategy

Security and Compliance

- Data security and transparency thanks to reliable features for legal compliant and certified archiving

- iCAS meets regulatory requirements and statutory guidelines – such as SOX, HIPAA, SEC 17a4, Basel II + III etc.

- iCAS is assessed and certified by the auditing company KPMG, amongst others.

To download the KPMG software certificates please follow the link:

Link to KPMG certificate: Sofware certificate of iCAS
Link to KPMG certificate: Audit of the data protection functions of iCAS

Cost efficiency

Your investment is protected and the TCO is lowered using iCAS through its flexibility and openness.

- Efficient usage of your storage capacity

- Leveraging existing IT-infrastructure (storage, VM hosts, Back-Up technology, etc.) is possible

- Transparent license model without hardware lock-in

- Simple migration processes allow for significant savings

- Easy implementation as virtual or physical Windows server

Strong Partners

HPE- iTernity works together with renowned technology partners to offer flexible, secure and economical solutions.

- For example, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and iTernity distribute HPE & iCAS together - a combination of iCAS software with storage products from HPE.

vmware- iTernity is a VMware Enterprise Partner. Many customers use iCAS implemented as a virtual appliance on VMware.  Citrix, XEN and Hyper-V are also supported virtualization platforms.

Further information about our partners can be found here.