Data Migration Services

You’ve invested a lot in data archiving systems to store email, medical images and other critical, sometimes regulated data. As these systems and their service cause high costs or are near end of life, it’s time to migrate to a new archive platform. Application dependencies, the complexity or sheer data volumes may be holding you back.
But there’s a way.

Migrate your business data from archive silos like EMC Centera to future-proof iCAS.

iTernity and its partners offer compliant data migration for Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and Content-Addressed Storage (CAS) systems which provide full regulatory compliance at unprecedented migration speeds.

The service delivers data migration capability for corporate and regulated data (SEC 17-a4, HIPAA, SOX, etc.), preserving data retention policies, maintaining full document authenticity and providing a compliant migration audit trail.
It includes migration capability for content stored on object-based storage systems such as EMC Centera™ and can deliver unprecedented migration speeds. This leads to migrations that are shortened from years/months to weeks, reducing project cost and risk.

The procedures allow the storage backend to be transparently replaced without causing any user-impacting changes to the front-end.

We are happy to discuss your data migration needs in detail. Please contact us here.

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Comply with GDPR on the basis of a central archive storage platform


Syngenta ensures compliance with HPE and iTernity

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