Compliance Cloud

iCAS combines the advantages of tamperproof archiving in-house along with economically storing data in the cloud - certified by KPMG and with the highest security measures.

Any user of iCAS version 3.7 can use the integrated compliance cloud functionality without additional license cost. Native integration in HPE Cloud Services and the Microsoft Azure cloud is provided for securely backup your archive data in the cloud. Only according services or an account with the cloud provider are needed to store the data in the cloud.

Advantages of the Cloud Connector

Archive data will primarily be held with the customers themselves. In addition, it will be saved in the cloud storage, after the data has been encrypted. Instead of having to use your own hardware and management resources for your archive backup, the iCAS Cloud Connector allows you to use economical services for storing your data.

HPE Helion

HPE Helion uniquely combines OpenStack® and Cloud Foundry to deliver a cloud platform based on open standards, and enterprise-grade security, reliability and manageability. HPE Helion helps customers build and manage hybrid cloud services at enterprise scale. The HPE Helion Ready badge signifies that our software can be confidently deployed by customers with HPE Helion OpenStack and HPE Helion Development Platform and will be fully supported by us. For more information about the HPE Helion Ready Program, visit

The partnership between iTernity and HPE Helion provides integration of iCAS within the HPE Helion Platform allowing customers to create hybrid archive storage solutions with secure, scalable, and reliable solutions from HPE Enterprise.

Microsoft Azure / StorSimple

iTernity iCAS with Microsoft StorSimple Appliances combine the benefits of legally compliant archiving on premises with cost efficient archiving storage in the cloud. This hybrid archving solution based on Microsoft Azure satisfies the highest requirements on security, flexibility and availability.

The Microsoft Azure StorSimple series 8000 including StorSimple virtual storage appliance 1100 have been tested and approved with iTernity iCAS.

For more information visit the StorSimple website

Syngenta ensures compliance with HPE and iTernity

More flexibility thanks to virtualization – iCAS on virtual servers.